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Von Flue Choke by James Clingerman

Von Flue Choke by James Clingerman


Indiana Black Belt Teaches Invisible Choke

James Clingerman is a BJJ black belt, instructor and owner of the largest academy in Indiana.  He is also an accomplished and respected mixed martial arts referee.  He recently met up with Bernardo Faria at Bernardo's academy in Massachusetts to share the Von Flue Choke.

The Von Flue Choke is named after mixed martial artist Jason Von Flue who after a stint on the Ultimate Fighter and subsequent contract unleashed the choke during Ultimate Fight Night 3 against Alex Karalexis.  The position arises out of a guillotine choke defense which makes it almost invisible because the onlooker is paying attention to the guillotine and while it appears the athlete caught in the submission is simply trying to pass to side control, under the surface, a technique submission is being applied.

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Check out James Clingerman's breakdown of the Von Flue Choke below.

 Get to know this 'invisible' choke in even more detail with James Clingerman's Mastering the Von Flue Choke DVD available from BJJ Fanatics!  Get it here!




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