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Ramp Up your BJJ Pulling Power with the Rack Pull

Ramp Up your BJJ Pulling Power with the Rack Pull


Strength and Conditioning Exercises Can Build BJJ Strength

We’re always looking for new ways to supplement our BJJ training. Strength training is essential to those looking for an edge. A good strength training program can really put your technique over the top. And if you have plans of competing at a high level, it will be necessary. But grappling is our main focus correct? We don’t want to spend hours and hours in the weight room, leaving us with no energy for BJJ, where our focus is needed the most. As grapplers, the goal should be to build and maintain functional strength. With an emphasis on pushing, pulling and squatting you can make quick work of a strength routine, and also get great results.

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Pushing and pulling are obvious necessities for the BJJ player. These themes are present throughout any live grappling setting. We’ll focus on one piece of the puzzle today. Pulling.

The deadlift is a tried and true classic lift. Its primitive, basic, and it works. The deadlift should be a part of your strength circuit.  But let’s switch it up. Today, we’re going to look at, the rack pull. The rack pull looks like a deadlift, but instead of pulling the weight from the floor, we will set the bar inside of a squat rack, and pull it from just below knee height. In BJJ we spend a lot of our time in this mid-range area of strength, so the rack pull may even possess more benefit for grapplers than the deadlift. The rack pull can also assist you in moving beyond a deadlift plateau. Because we’re not completing the movement all the way from the floor, you will be able to pull a lot more weight when performing the rack pull.

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Here’s a nice tutorial on the rack pull. If you love your deadlifts, by all means continue with them, but the rack pull may be a great way to switch things up and breathe some new life into your routine. Get to work!

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