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Knee Bar Madness at UFC 228

Knee Bar Madness at UFC 228


Powerful leg submission shows its face in UFC cage

We’ve been seeing some more “outside the box” submissions in the UFC lately. The layman fans may not appreciate a good exchange on the ground, and I’ve even heard heckling during some of the best groundwork in the cage. But as BJJ practitioners we love when the fight hits floor. For many of us, that’s when we scoot a little closer to the screen. It’s great to see some submissions that might be considered a little rarer inside the cage, it’s a nice indicator that the highest-level fighters are sharpening their grappling tools, and getting creative with the submissions there choosing to employ.

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We saw two knee bar finishes at UFC 228 on Saturday Night, which in itself is pretty awesome. The first coming from Aljamain Sterling, who defeated Cody Stamann via knee bar, and the second knee bar brought to us by Zabit Magomedsharipov, who secured a victory over Brandon Davis with the lower body attack. Both submissions started with these men in the back-mount position, and the transitions to the legs were beautifully executed.

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Kent Peters does an awesome job of breaking down Magomedsharipov’s knee bar in this video.


 Are Leg attacks becoming more common in MMA?

It’s super cool to see the leg attacks making their way on to the big stage. Their rise in popularity over the past few years in the grappling circuit can’t be denied, and it seems there seeping into the MMA community as well. Why not?

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