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Need to get Stronger? Supplement Your BJJ Training with a Quick and Simple Strength Routine to Add Some Power to your Technique!

Need to get Stronger? Supplement Your BJJ Training with a Quick and Simple Strength Routine to Add Some Power to your Technique!


I remember it clearly. I walked off the stage of a Fight to Win Pro event after a loss where I’d been beat pretty decisively. The bout was certainly my most difficult test to date. And when Tom DeBlass is in your corner, it’s a long walk down those steps back into his company carrying the feeling with you that you’ve failed your professor. I felt weak in the match, almost as if I was unable to initiate anything on my terms. My opponent was very skilled, very experienced and freakishly strong for the weight class. Professor DeBlass put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Bro you have to get stronger”.

Being that I am a smaller BJJ player, I’ve always focused the bulk of my efforts on technique. This is still the most important aspect of my training, but something was definitely lacking. The following Monday I found a local gym and got to work. In 16 weeks I felt a little bigger and honestly, a lot stronger. The dilemma I always created in my head was this, every time I thought about adding a solid strength program to my training, all I could think was that If I spent my time lifting at the gym, it would decrease my motivation and capacity for learning BJJ. Upon more research, and some advice from my mentors and professor, I’ve found this is not the case.

A good strength training program should supplement your BJJ, not the other way around. Find a way to weave a strength program that works for you into your BJJ schedule. It doesn’t have to mean hours in the gym, which was my initial fear. We’re not trying to body build, we just need back up our BJJ with some solid all-encompassing strength movements.

Aim for 2-4 strength sessions a week. If you stay on task, and avoid the common distractions of the gym, you can easily be in and out in 30-45 minutes. Performing 3 sets of 5 repetitions for each movement will get the job done.

Here are 4 excellent strength movements to consider:



 Bench Press

 Overhead Press

For more on adding strength and conditioning to your BJJ training regimen, check out Ethan Benda's "Diamond Protocol".  You can get it here at BJJ Fanatics!




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