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The Rick James Foot Sweep with Seth Daniels

The Rick James Foot Sweep with Seth Daniels


Seth Daniels is a martial artist and entrepreneur who has parlayed his love for jiu jitsu into one of the most prolific grappling events out there today.  He and his team, travel from city to city bringing rock concert style production to legions of grapplers across the U.S.  With over 80 Fight To Win Pro shows under their belts and no signs of slowing down, it's safe to say if they've been to your region yet, they will.  In addition to an exhausting schedule promoting and putting on some of the most exciting grappling events out there today, he also holds many other tournament style grappling events.

What probably sets Seth apart from other grappling promoters out there today is that he still loves to compete and will find himself stepping onto the stage at his own events and others.  As a competitor, he brings a no BS approach that blends his experience as a high level judo competitor and his love of grappling in general.  

In the video below, Seth demonstrates a series of foot sweeps that he has made use of in grappling competition.  The vast majority of average BJJ practitioners and even competitors do not train a great deal of take downs.  These foot sweep techniques will give you an interesting alternative to classic, grip-heavy take down techniques that get taught.  Check the video below!

 In the next video, which is a preview of Seth's upcoming release from BJJ Fanatics, he teaches his Rick James foot sweep to five time world champion Bernardo Faria.  Check it out below.

 While you wait for Seth Daniels' up coming release, check out Rick Hawn's No Gi Takedowns Made Easy release from BJJ Fanatics!  You can get it here.







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