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Do You Stretch After You Train?

Do You Stretch After You Train?


After a tough night of training, how do you make sure that your body recovers and that it is prepared to fire on all cylinders for the next training session? Of course, we have all the common supplements for muscle recovery at our disposal: protein, BCAA. Creatine, etc. And a good night’s sleep will always be paramount. But what else can we do to ensure our body is prepared for the demands we expect to place on it tomorrow?

Do you stretch after an intense or extended training session? Training hard places a lot of stress on the body. It can be tempting to sit around for a few minutes on the mat, drink your protein shake, make small talk, grab your gear, and go. But this may not be the best choice for the recovery of your overly taxed muscles, ligaments, and so forth. If you have a long care ride home, the effects of neglecting some healing stretches can be much worse.

I know, you’re busy, and you need to get home. Stretching may seem more like an annoyance if you’ve been on the mat for a lengthy period of time, but I promise, it is absolutely worth it. Odds are, you’ll trade the feeling of not being able to stand up straight for the first half of your morning for a little stretching the night before. You don’t have to stay for an extra hour. Consider spending 10-15 extra minutes on the mat to heal your body. This will leave you feeling loose, it will prep you for the next day, and it may even help you sleep much better than your used to.

In this video Sebastian Brosche demonstrates some fantastic post training stretches. These particular stretches will combat the effects of a tough training session and assist you in better recovery so you can get back to the mat like a beast tomorrow! Give them a try!

If you want to take your grappling flexibility and recovery to even higher levels, check out Josh Stockman's "Grappling with Yoga" here at BJJ Fanatics!





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