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Matheus Diniz Vs. Gordon Ryan Set for Kasai 4

Matheus Diniz Vs. Gordon Ryan Set for Kasai 4


On Saturday, November 10th in Manhattan, Matheus "King Kong" Diniz and Gordon "King" Ryan will meet for the next Kasai Pro.  These two New York powerhouses are slated to compete in the Kasai Pro rule set which is made up of a 10 minute submission only round followed by a 5 minute points round if necesssary.

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Representing two of the leading NYC BJJ teams in Marcelo Garcia Academy for Diniz and the Renzo Gracie Academy for Ryan, this will be an exciting battle between two aggressive, sub-hunting competitors and should be a key match for Kasai.  Coming off of his Kasai Pro Welterweight title victory this Spring, Diniz is slated to take on his toughest opponent to date with the 2017 ADCC winner Gordon Ryan.

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