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Gordon Ryan Reveals Arm-In Guillotine Finish from ADCC Against Keenan Cornelius

Gordon Ryan Reveals Arm-In Guillotine Finish from ADCC Against Keenan Cornelius


The King Shows Bernardo Faria ADCC Finish

We don’t have much footage of Gordon Ryan’s technique. If you’ve been lucky enough to attend a seminar with him, you know that his instruction is top notch and the material is game changing. Every time I get to spend some mat time with Gordon, I do my best to suck up the information. The content is always packed full of aha moments, and there’s usually more than a few instances where seemingly obvious themes that have eluded me in the past, were presented in a manner that allowed me to connect to them.

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Ryan has been doing some work with BJJ Fanatics, and they’ve recently released a small segment on the arm in guillotine. In particular the version he used to defeat Keenan Cornelius at ADCC. Have a look!

Did you catch the opening idea Gordon lightly touches on? The position of the bottom partners hands determines the path of attack in the front headlock position. He refers to it as, “The dilemma between the front headlock and the back attack”. The video really isn’t even about this idea, but these are the kinds of details I’m referring to. Have you ever been stuck in the front headlock position incessantly trying to make something happen that’s not there? Pay close attention to the position of the hands next time and implement the transitional advice Ryan provides on the subject.

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Ryan goes on to break down the technique that sealed the victory over Cornelius. The information is absolute gold. After doing some recon on his previous attempts at securing this guillotine, Ryan struggled to finish, as he was ending up perpendicular to his opponents. This was resulting in them landing too far away. With such a far distance to cover, the attack unravels before position can be achieved. To remedy this, he opts to block his partners far foot before the ensuing takedown. He now lands with his hips much closer to his opponent, making the route to the mount position much more accessible. Once the mount is achieved a nasty finish follows right behind.

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