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Gordon Ryan Proves He’s Still the King: Takes Double Gold at No Gi Pans

Gordon Ryan Proves He’s Still the King: Takes Double Gold at No Gi Pans


Team Renzo Gracie Makes Good On Promise To Dominate Competition

There was a lot of hype surrounding Gordon Ryan leading up to No Gi Pans. It started with a large movement of would be opponents that entered into Gordons weight class, apparently to get their shot at the king, followed by a mass exodus of many of those same grapplers last minute. While we’re uncertain what the play was for those competitors we do know this. Gordon has once again proved himself to be one of the best no gi grapplers of all time. He’s now added 2 more gold medals to the trophy room, winning his weight class, and the absolute at the 2018 No Gi Pan.

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Ryan was able to secure submission victories in every bout, an impressive feat, culminating with an exciting match against Kaynan Duarte that Ryan was able to end by rear naked choke. The final bout in the absolute against Duarte did not fall short on action. Duarte was strong early, and there was a moment where he came close to gaining control of Gordons back, but his efforts were thwarted, and the back was never secured. Ryan spent much of his time as the aggressor, hunting for the pass and providing pressure from the top, which eventually paid off. Ryan was able to complete the guard pass, mount, achieve Duarte’s back, and finish with the RNC.

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Ryan took to IG after the event to thank his family and friends for supporting him through the long day of competition, and included a special thanks to John Danaher. Gordon writes, “And of course to @danaherjohn for showing me everything I know. Theres a reason I submit all of the best guys, and Its because of him”.

Congratulations to Gordon on a great performance. We’re looking forward to seeing him compete again soon!

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