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What Happened with Craig Jones and Matheus Diniz at Grapplefest 2?

What Happened with Craig Jones and Matheus Diniz at Grapplefest 2?


Aussie Standout and Team Marcelo Garcia's Diniz Meet at Grapplefest 2

Craig Jones recently engaged in a highly anticipated but mostly uneventful bout with Rousimar Palhares. Clearly frustrated with the outcome of the match, Craig almost immediately accepted another super fight with Matheus Diniz at Grapplefest 2 in Liverpool, UK. Craig shared some thoughts on the match pre-fight with Flo Grappling stating that he believed Diniz would push harder for the pass and be more aggressive. Craig respected the danger of Diniz and his submission game, but didn’t seem concerned about the threat of leg locks from the top position.

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Diniz recently suffered a tough loss at 2018 Worlds. He was up by 6 points in the quarterfinal match against Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa, and was submitted towards the end of the with a choke from the back mount.

Diniz came out exactly as Craig had predicted. He was aggressive and full of energy out of the gate. Although Jones was able to thwart the incessant and maniacal passing attempts of Diniz, he was not able to elevate Diniz to get his game going either. Craig eventually lured Diniz into his closed guard later in the match, which created somewhat of a lull. Toward the final the moments of the match things opened up again, but the two combatants were tired and very slippery making it difficult for either to get anything substantial going.

The victory went to Jones. Though Diniz was obviously displeased and thought he had won the match, Jones did attempt more submissions and ultimately did enough to earn the decision. Congratulations on your victory Craig Jones!

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