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Develop a Dangerous Closed Guard

Develop a Dangerous Closed Guard


Drills Sharpen Closed Guard Submission Attacks

A dangerous closed guard seems to lend itself to the lankier BJJ practitioners, but no matter your body type it’s important to have a good understanding of the closed guard and its many uses. As a beginner, it’s important to spend time in the closed guard, learning its foundations and its highly useful self-defense capabilities. You may opt to move away from the closed guard later in your training in favor of a different configuration, such as half guard, butterfly guard, or anything you may gravitate towards over the course of your progression that suits your body type and preferences.

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Consider some simple drilling from the closed guard. My favorite closed guard drill is a common submission chain. There’s a great chance you’ve been exposed to it already, but if you haven’t its absolutely worth adding to your repertoire. There are lots of references for this particular submission chain. Here’s a video that contains all the elements of what I’m referring to.

The arm bar, omoplata, and triangle are all best friends. The transitions between all of these foundational techniques are relatively simple and can be performed with little more than a hip escape in most cases. But what were really building here is our ability to recognize opportunity and react in closed guard settings. By adding this kind of drilling to your closed guard work you will find yourself gaining a better understanding of the most basic guard attacks. Get to work!

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