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It's Okay to Procrastinate According to Jocko.  Just Make It Tomorrow.

It's Okay to Procrastinate According to Jocko. Just Make It Tomorrow.


BJJ Black Belt Navy Seal Says There's One Time To Procrastinate

There's are days when you just don't feel like going to BJJ.  Maybe you don't feel like working out or putting time in on an important project.  What do you do when you just aren't feeling it.  Recently, a listener of the Jocko Willink Podcast sent in that very question, specifically how does one stay motivated when you don't feel like going after your goals.

For Jocko Willink, who is a former Navy Seal commander, black belt under Dean Lister, author of multiple books and host of the wildly popular Jocko Podcast with co-host Echo Charles, the answer is simple.  When he doesn't feel like working out, he works out.  When he doesn't feel like grinding away at a project, he grinds away at the project.

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While he admits, "not feeling it" can be a symptom of needing to take some time off if you've been grinding away.  But what's interesting is the approach he takes to reading the potential signals.  For Jocko, who would say he's not a fan of procrastination, when looking at taking a break, he would say to procrastinate.  You very well might need a break, but he is going to say, not today.  If you want to take a day off, do it tomorrow. 

By pushing the day off until tomorrow, you can truly assess whether or not the signal to rest is legitimate or simply your mind trying to take the easy way out.  If you truly feel the same way the next day, by all means, take a day off to relax, recharge and reload to be able to hit it hard the following training session.  Often, by pushing through and at least being present, even when you're going through the motions, you will find yourself rejuvenated mentally and not in need of a break anyway.

Check out the short excerpt from Jocko for yourself and if you're not already follow his podcast.  You will gain a great deal of BJJ, business, and life insight from it!

So the next time you don't feel like going to BJJ.  Go anyway.  Even if you feel like you're going through the motions, being on the mats will give your brain time to set aside whatever is distracting you or making you feel like you're just "not feeling it." Before you know it, class will be over and you'll be wishing you had more time on the mats.  Don't miss class or training today.  Procrastinate.  Make it tomorrow and when tomorrow comes, you just may find that you didn't need a break at all.

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