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Professor Tom DeBlass Changing the Game with The Butterfly Half Guard

Professor Tom DeBlass Changing the Game with The Butterfly Half Guard


The Butterfly Hook Is Your Get Out of Jail Free Card

Being flattened in half guard, and giving up the under hook when working from the bottom position can definitely feel like the end of the road in a live training setting. You’ve conceded some critical offensive elements of bottom half guard structure such as frames, remaining on your side, and you’ve allowed the cross face to come into play. Permitting these particular positional detriments to manifest isn’t good, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your stint in bottom half guard.

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Professor Tom DeBlass to the rescue. The butterfly half guard may be your new savior when trying to recover from being flattened in the bottom half guard position. In this video Professor DeBlass discusses using the butterfly half guard as a means of guard retention, along with a few other concepts. With a simple frame on the hip of his partner and a solid hip escape, DeBlass is able to recompose butterfly half guard, and now create a situation where his partner cannot move forward without consequence. Give it a look!

Should our opponent choose to remain in this position and maintain the cross face and the under hook, this gives us everything we need to now set up a nice reversal. By simply clamping down on the arm that’s committed to the cross face and using the butterfly hook to elevate our partner we’re now able to sweep our partner and achieve the top position. Of course, there’s much more to be applied here. Retaining the guard should be our most important focus, but once we’ve succeeded in that there is now a multitude of submissions, sweeps and transitions from this position.

Spend some time learning the ins and outs of the butterfly half guard, it just may be the missing piece in your half guard arsenal! Get to work!

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