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Let John Danaher Fix Your High Elbow Guillotine

Let John Danaher Fix Your High Elbow Guillotine


Danaher Slated to Release New Front Head Lock System

John Danaher was back at Bernardo Faria's Academy recently filming a new installment of his highly successful Enter the System series.  As a follow up to the best selling Leg Locks and Back Attacks series, he just filmed a series that will focus on the Front Headlock and the multitude of strangles and other techniques that can be derived from that foundational position.

Danaher's material has been eagerly devoured by thousands of new virtual students around the world who have begun to apply his philosophic approach to submissions.  And this is not limited to the area of leg locks and back attacks.  His entire approach has begun to influence instructors and coaches around the world as they absorb a new way to present and package material and techniques to help their students understand material more easily and make it more readily applicable.

As he has proven time and time again, his methodical and systematic approach will make it much easier to absorb and implement these techniques in the most efficient time possible.  It's important to look at the examples of the world class athletes who have trained under Danaher and picked up his various systems extremely quickly.  People like Travis Stevens, Garry Tonon, Gordon Ryan, not to mention UFC and MMA superstars like Georges St. Pierre, Chris Weidman, and Jake Shields.

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John's classes are a laboratory filled with the who's who of submission grappling and combat sports.  His thorough teaching style can be credited with the rapid success of all of the Danaher Death Squad members.  And you too, can take advantage of this information without ever having to deal with New York City traffic and congestion.

In this new breakdown video released by Bernardo Faria, John address the Front Head Lock position and transitions into the High Elbow Guillotine.  Check out the video below and we'll break it down afterwards.

Grappling Mad Scientist Perfects High Elbow Guillotine Formula

The high elbow guillotine is one of those techniques that it is easy to see high-level athletes having success with it and then to try it yourself and fail miserably, even worse than miserably.  The first time you try a high elbow guillotine, you're more than likely going to be thinking, "This technique doesn't work" or "This technique won't work for me," or even, "I'm not flexible enough to pull this high elbow guillotine off."  

John shoots all of these issues down by breaking down the primary concerns of the technique.  In simplest terms, there seem to be three distance problems that we have to address.  If you miss any of these, the high elbow guillotine will not be effective and the opponent will probably get to a better position.

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Problem #1 

Problem number one is making sure there is enough space between your chest and your opponent's shoulder.  Once you've assumed the chin strap control of the opponent's head as John does to Bernardo, one of Bernardo's defenses is to bring his shoulder in against John's chest taking pressure off and potentially flattening him. By rotating his opposing shoulder into Bernardo, John is able to keep the necessary space and distance to allow him to then begin transitioning to Problem #2.

Problem #2

Problem #2 involves the positioning of the hands in the space between Bernardo's shoulder and his neck with the precious arteries exposed.  John must be able to get his connected hands in that space.  If he does not, or Bernardo controls John's elbow, the choke will not happen.

Problem #3

The third and arguably the easiest problem to miss when you are first attempting this techique is the position of your head in relation to the opponent's body.  The question of whether or not I am flexible enough will most likely arise when one's head is not in the right place.  Instead of the head being on the clasped hand side as it started, Danaher will move his head to the opposing shoulder of Bernardo, which allows him the "flexibility" or better yet, mobility to raise his elbow up and over.

Did you catch what Bernardo Faria had to say at the end of the video when he said that John's approach to teaching has taken him back to assess his own approach to presenting material for his students.  John's teaching style has influenced and begun to change the teaching style of one of the greatest competitors and instructors in history.  That's a true testament to the power of Danaher's approach.

By paying close attention to these problems, and addressing them in a systematic way, the application of the choke will be much more successful.  This is just one technique of many that John Danaher will explore in his upcoming series.  For now, you're going to have to check out either his Leg Locks or his Back Attacks systems.  You can get them the system that was easily the most eagerly awaited release in the history of BJJ instructionals, Leg Locks:  Enter the System here at BJJ Fanatics TODAY!











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