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Exclusive:  Gordon Ryan On Newfound Free Agency

Exclusive: Gordon Ryan On Newfound Free Agency


Earlier today, ADCC champion Gordon Ryan made an announcement on his social media that he was now a free agent.  The grappling superstar had recently been signed to an exclusive contract with the ACB organization.  BJJ Fanatics had an opportunity to connect with Gordon and here was his thoughts on his newfound free agency:

"I know people will be asking me about ACB, due to the fact I said I was a free agent. Basically, I haven't been competing as often as I should because I was supposed to compete once a month from August until January for ACB.

They only do Gi events in the 1st half of the year and I wasn't ready to fight the top guys, but I still wanted to compete a lot. I was scheduled to compete in every No Gi event from August until January, but the boss was so pissed that everyone is a stalling loser that he decided to cancel two months worth of events and possibly start up again in October.

Which means I simply wont be able to compete as much as I want. As everyone knows i like to stay as active as possible, so we just decided to go our separate ways. ACB has stated to me that they were possibly making some changes to the rule set and will back in a few months. I'm hoping they restart their event and the boss, as well as the fighters are pleased. 

ACB has been great and they are giving athletes an opportunity to make real athlete money. I will always support them and even hope to resign with them in the new year provided they keep their event in play. But as I said I simply need to be more active than they are allowing me. I hope them the best and hope they can find a rule set that will promote action as well as athlete who actually want to submit people."

BJJ Fanatics will keep you updated as Gordon Ryan reenters the mix and have any news of future matches and super fights as that information becomes available.

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