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The Post Training BJJ Team Photo

The Post Training BJJ Team Photo


You’re having your coffee and scrolling through your social media again. All the consistent posts pop up. The usual banter, images, and content. Maybe some pictures of food, a funny meme, that same guy complaining about the line at the post office again. But there’s something that’s becoming more consistent, and more prominent. If you’re a BJJ player It may already be dominating your daily feed. The post training BJJ team photo.

Every morning we get a healthy dose of BJJ team selfies. Schools waiving their flag and showing us all that their mats are crowded with hardworking members, having the time of their lives.

What do I think about this? I love it. The BJJ community is small in comparison to other recreational activities. Generally speaking it’s fairly new to the US. But its members are passionate, and they want you to know how much they love it. We’re proud to be a part of a BJJ team. These daily reminders depicting sweaty, smiling practitioners, shoulder to shoulder are inspiring. It gives the non-practicing folks of the world a glimpse into the community we hold so dear, and just won’t shut up about. And it just might inspire that person that fell off to get back on to the training floor and back to work.

We want you to be involved. BJJ is magic for the soul. Look at the faces in these pictures. We’re in love with BJJ, and all that it’s provided for us. We’ve spent years digging for gold, and we’ve found it. Now we want you to join us. Are you intrigued by our incessant stream of photos depicting our love for our craft and our looks of satisfaction after an amazing training session? Come find out for yourself and get in on the post training team photo.

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