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Kurt Osiander Hits us With Another Great Technique from His New Location!

Kurt Osiander Hits us With Another Great Technique from His New Location!

BJJ's Resident Renegade With a New Spin On an Old Favorite

The heavy metal, the swearing, the long hair, the new spin on classic techniques. See where I’m going with this yet? Yes, it must be Kurt Osiander’s Move of The Week! Coming to us from his new spot in San Francisco, Empire Jiu-Jitsu, Kurt hits us with another great technique from the arsenal.  Check it out below!

Beginning with a very basic cross choke set up from side control, Osiander finds his way into the collar, and loops the other arm over his partners head. He drops his hips down to apply some extra pressure and completes the submission. So, a pretty basic concept is at play here, but things get a little more interesting. As his partner attempts to put a halt to the progression of the choke, Osiander drops his elbow regardless, and traps his partners arm. He then flattens his partner and switches sides. Traveling to the other side instantly makes the choke much tighter, and with a little elbow pressure causes the tap.

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After claiming that he was “fired” from his previous position at Ralph Gracie San Francisco on the Grappling Central Podcast, and some public display of differences in opinion on what happened, it seems our favorite BJJ metal head has settled in nicely to his new location. He’s begun a new chapter in his decades old pairing with BJJ. We’re happy to see Kurt still doing his thing in his new spot, and we wish him the best!

For more Kurt Osiander, check out Fundamentals of a Jiu Jitsu Renegade, his latest release from BJJ Fanatics!  You can get it here and don't forget to shut up and train!