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Add Some Power to Your Kimura

Add Some Power to Your Kimura


We all know the kimura is a devastating arm and shoulder submission.  We even know the now legendary history of the technique and it's role in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Named after a famed Japanese fighter who had battled Helio Gracie in their epic match and eventually was able to break Helio's arm, thereby having the move named after him.  There is also the brutal kimura that Sakuraba was able to land on Renzo Gracie.  The submission was applied and the Gracie's arm was broken.

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The technique has also been used as a cornerstone for a number of high-level practitioners who have developed 'kimura trap' systems which utilize the technique as much for setting up other techniques and positions as a position in and of itself.  The kimura has been used quite effectively by the members of the Danaher Death Squad and will be the basis of another installment of the Enter the System series in the coming months.

All this to say, you haven't seen anything until you see this Power Kimura from Neil Melanson's new series "The Filthy Kimura"!  Check it out and prepare to start wrecking shoulders at the academy this evening!


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There are several keys to the sheer brutality of this position, as explained by Neil Melanson.  The first is the ultra-tight grip on the opponent's arm and along with the grip, it is the 'sucking in' or pulling the captured arm and shoulder closer to you that makes it extremely uncomfortable.  

The most 'filthy' of the details of this kimura honor goes to Neil Melanson's use of the his hips to drive the opponent's face towards the joint that is being attacked.  As he says, this is bad news for them.  From that point, there is a zero percent chance of escape and the tap is inevitable.

For more beautifully brutal kimura variations and set ups, you will want to take advantage of the knowledge of one of the most sought after MMA and grappling coaches on the planet, Neil Melanson.  He has distilled his years of leading MMA champions into The Filthy Kimura Series and it can be yours by heading over to BJJ Fanatics!






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