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The Kimura, a Submission or Position?

The Kimura, a Submission or Position?


The Kimura is one of the most popular submissions in bjj and MMA.  It is an extremely versatile submission with hundreds of set-ups.  The Kimura can be used in gi, nogi, MMA, from bottom, and from top.  Developing a good Kimura will expedite your growth in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

When first learning the Kimura, many people assume it is just a submission, as you grow your Kimura game, you will learn that it is much more. You can use the Kimura as a submission or submission entry, as a counter attack, and as a control position to sweep or control your opponent.

The Kimura as a Submission

The Kimura is commonly perceived as just a submission.  When you first learn the Kimura, you will most likely learn how to apply it as a submission.  The Kimura is one of the best submissions to learn for various reasons.  It is extremely versatile, you can apply it from bottom or top position, and it maximizes your strength.  If you want to see a sneaky set up for the Kimura from closed guard check out our article “Kimura Trap from Closed Guard.”

The Kimura can be applied in almost any guard or position.  You can apply and finish a Kimura from bottom side control, top side control, half guard, full guard, and many other positions.  It is a shoulder or strait arm lock.  You can also use the Kimura just as well in nogi as you can in gi, and you can use it in MMA or self-defense.  Check out this awesome Kimura from mount below.

The Kimura as a Counter Attack

The Kimura is one of the best positions in bjj.  You can use the Kimura from virtually anywhere, and any position.  One of the best ways to utilize it is when countering your opponent’s attacks.  You can counter your opponent with a Kimura in many different situations.

You can use it to counter double legs, single legs, back takes, arm bars, and more.  The Kimura has always been a popular way to counter take downs.  Check out this video below teaching you how to counter a Kimura with another Kimura.

The Kimura as a Position

The Kiimura is also one of the best positions in Jiu Jitsu.  What do we mean when we say that the Kimura is a position?  Well, when you establish a good Kimura game, the grip becomes more of a position than a submission.

A position in the sense that you can use the Kimura grip to sweep your opponent, to submit your opponent, as an entry to different submissions and you can use it to control your opponent and set up back takes.  The possibilities are endless when you develop a good Kimura game.   We wrote an entire article dedicated to developing your kimura game, so if you want to enhance your Kimura skills, check it out here. Also, check out this video of using the Kimura grip to counter takedowns.

There you have it, now you know the secrets of a good Kimura grip and the versatility of it. If you want to take your Kimura game to the next level check out Robson “MAU-MAU” Lima’s 3 DVD set, “The Kimura System.” 


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