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Closed Guard Kimura Trap



The kimura trap is a popular way of attacking these days. While it is usually done from the half guard or knee shield position, it is also available from the good ole closed guard. While it does not use the leg over the shoulder as the half guard version, it is an awesome way of attacking with a kimura, and using the technique to get to your opponent’s back. Anyone in BJJ knows that the back is one of the best positions you can get. It allows for a variety of powerful attacks, while all your opponent can do is try to escape. So keep reading to see how you can use the closed guard kimura trap to take the back and finish the fight!

You are playing closed guard, with your opponent inside of your guard. Just like any kimura, you need to move your hips to the side and sit up. Once you sit up, you need to lock up a kimura grip (figure four style) on the opponent’s wrist. While you’re attacking with the shoulder lock, your opponent realizes what is happening and brings his arm tight to his chest so he can defend and escape. While your grip will be solid, you will not have the correct arm positioning to finish it. This is where you’ll use the kimura trap.

You will keep control of the opponent’s wrist with your hand that is reaching over the shoulder. You will use your other arm to post up on. While posting, you will need to swing your hips to the side of the arm you’re attacking. While you swing your hips, you still must control the wrist, so don’t let go! Now you can reach over with your free arm to control the opponent’s far side and go chest-to-back to gain control of the back. Once on the back, go to your favorite. Rear naked choke, armbar, and some great collar chokes (if you do it in gi) are now available.

The closed guard is such an excellent place to fight the fight. While there are plenty of fun open guards and new school guards, you should always be able to go back to the closed guard and be successful. The amount of attacks from this old school position will give you the path to victory! If you feel like your guard needs some work, then you can pick up this awesome DVD…

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