An Easy Go-To Arm Triangle Choke Escape


One of the submissions that I see a lot of the lower experienced students get caught in is the triangle choke. The arm triangle is a tricky choke that you can hit from many of the top positions in Jiu Jitsu. Getting caught in it is uncomfortable, and eventually causes pain as the blood gets caught off from circulating to your brain. You can put a lot of people to sleep with it. So how can this technique be defended? There are actually quite a bit of escapes for the choke, but I always like to start out with the easier escape. So let’s see how we can escape the arm triangle choke.

So perhaps you made a mistake. Perhaps your opponent hit the arm triangle from mount, or side control and now you’re stuck. The first thing that you need to do is to create space between your arm, your neck and your opponent’s head, since that is what causes the asphyxiation. Connect your hands by going palm to palm. With your free arm, push your inside arm towards your opponent’s head. This will create enough space so that you won’t be tapped by the choke. Now while you’re pushing your opponent’s head away, you need to bridge your hips upward to create even more space. With the space that you’ve created, you can circle your trapped arm around the opponent’s head and then connect your hand to your wrist and hug him.

Now you are completely safe from the choke. But you are still not in the greatest of positions. All you have to do is switch your hips and pull your opponent over. You will be in the top position and will be able to work that portion of your game.

Escapes are so important. Position escapes and submissions escapes will save your butt in competition. By mastering these escapes, you will be able to move on to the offense and take the pace and action into your own hands. If you want to improve your escape game then check out…

Escapes From Everywhere by Bernardo Faria.