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Luiz Panza’s X Guard Defense


The X Guard can be an excellent weapon. It is a high percentage sweeping guard, with submission possibilities. It is also one of the few guards that works even better when your opponent is bigger than you. If you do not know how to defend against the X Guard, then you will have a very bad time against those who know the inside and out of the position. But how can you defend against it? BJJ world champion, Luiz Panza has an awesome way of smashing the X Guard and passing it like a hot knife through butter. Let’s see how Luiz stops the X Guard from working the way it is supposed to.

So, here his opponent has him in the X Guard. But Luiz does not wait, he reacts right away. With his left hand, he grabs his opponent’s collar and with his right hand, he grabs his opponent’s pants of the X hook that is behind his leg. This way, he can have somewhat of a base just off of his grips alone. Then he applies pressure down with his grips, pinning his opponent’s leg to the ground. Luiz then puts the top of his head down to the mat to post. As he posts and applies the pressure, he kicks his leg free and brings it back. After that, he goes right into the side control position.

This is one of the best X Guard passes in my personal opinion. It uses strong gripping, downward pressure and takes away the X hook with a leg kick back. It is simple and effective. Smashing the X Guard is essential if you want to improve against those talented open guard players. Luiz is a black belt with some very game skills. In fact, he covers X Guard passing in detail in his DVD set, Hidden BJJ Secrets. An entire DVD in that set is dedicated to smashing and passing the X Guard. He knows the importance of defeating it, and he wants you to know how to as well.

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