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Drop Seio Nage by Jimmy Pedro



There are two main types of throws when it comes to Judo and Jiu Jitsu. There is the throws that you can do to throw your opponent down, while you stay standing. Then there are sacrifice throws, where you throw your opponent and go to the ground with them. Out of the many sacrifice throws that reside in the Judo arsenal, the drop seio nage. The drop seio nage is a version of the standard seio nage throw. With the standard version, the attacker grabs the opponent by his jacket and throws him over his shoulder, while maintaining his standing position. However with this version, the attacker drops down to throw his opponent. Jimmy Pedro, who is an American Judo legend and current US Olympic team coach, shows how to perform the drop seio nage with his student, Travis Stevens.

You have to first engage your opponent in the gripping battle. For us right handed competitors, grab your opponent’s collar with your right hand, and his sleeve by his wrist with his left hand. You will have to pull your opponent up, and make sure his arms go up. With your collar grabbing arm, you should flair your elbow out to make sure his arm goes upward. Once his balance is broken, you can can begin to finish the throw.

With your opponent opened up, you will jump to your knees, going underneath him. Your butt/hips will have to be passed his. Now on your knees, you need to make sure your collar grabbing arm is framed out. Do not let your arm collapse, this will take away from the effectiveness of the throw. To finish, pull on his collar, pull on his sleeve and extend your legs upward, dipping to your right shoulder. Your opponent will go over and you will end up with side control on him.

This particular throwing technique is not often seen in Jiu Jitsu competition. Too many people worry that they will have their back taken and choked out. But if you practice it in the gym, and become fierce with it, then you will often surprise your opponents with this throw. The drop seio nage is powerful as can be. Don’t be that guy who is not proficient in at least a few throws and takedowns. Improve yourself there. If you’re looking for a good throwing resource then check out…

Jimmy Pedro’s The Takedown Blueprint! Click here.


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