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Claudio Calasans & His Modified Guillotine



Claudio Calasans is a game competitor and a bad, bad man. Claudio has a high octane game where he constantly looks for the finish. He is aggressive, technical and feared both standing and on the ground. Claudio is a dual black belt, holding black belts in BJJ and Judo. He knows how to play in so many areas and has some very nasty attacks from those areas. The Atos black belt has a great attack from butterfly guard that he likes to use when he competes in no gi competition. That attack involves a brutal modified guillotine from the butterfly guard. Let’s see how he hits this technique…

So this is choke is best done when playing from the seated butterfly guard. Instead of hand fighting, your opponent opts to grab your ankles. He is doing this so that he can put your flat on your back and attempt to guard pass. But instead of letting him attempt all of this, we will go on the offensive. With your left hand, pull down the opponent’s head to under your right armpit. Then with your right hand, you will palm grab the opponent’s throat. Many people will try this and grab the chin, but that is incorrect. You need to grab the throat. You must grab the throat, because once your opponent feels like he is danger, he will attempt to back up and pull away. By controlling his throat, you will negate his easy escape.

Will your opponent is backing up and starting to stand up, you will pull him into your closed guard. Once your opponent is in your guard, you’ll need to turn your hand on his throat. To turn, you will need to turn the thumb side of your hand into his throat. Take your left hand and grab the pinky side of your hand and apply pressure into the throat. Before you know it, you will have your opponent tapping out.

Calasans proves the effectiveness of his techniques in competition. He is an absolute weight champion and shows that the techniques against competitors that far outweigh himself. Claudio, like other big champions has been gracious enough to put out instructional DVD’s to improve everyone’s BJJ. If you want learn some of his attacks then…

Click here to see Giant Killing by Claudio Calasans!


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