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Felipe Pena’s Bow & Arrow Choke



The bow & arrow choke is one of the most battle tested choking techniques in all of gi grappling. When it comes to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Judo, this is a deadly, and common sought after choke. This choke utilizes the kimono jacket to effectively put an opponent into a state of unconsciousness within six to eight seconds if they do not tap out. Felipe Pena is a world class black belt that understands the power of the bow & arrow choke. He has used the technique to win himself some pretty big matches, and he uses a pretty interesting set up. Let’s see how Felipe uses the bow & arrow…

Once he has his opponent’s back, Felipe immediately gains control of the collar. He opens the left side of the collar with his left hand and gets a thumb in grip with his right hand, that is in deep. He then grips his opponent’s right side collar with his left hand. Felipe does this because it makes it look like that he is going for the straight collar choke. Then he will fall to the side of the arm that is using that thumb in grip.

After he falls, he needs to free his bottom leg. He will slide his bottom leg out. Sometimes he may need use his top leg to help free his bottom leg. Once the leg is out, he will come up on top into his opponent’s half guard. Now he slides his now free leg into the upper part his opponent’s back and sits down. He rolls over his leg and frees it. Felipe throws his leg over his opponent’s arm and locks it in place. He will pull on the collar and lean back to finish the choke.

This is a truly awesome set up for the technique. First you disguise it as another technique, then come up on top and then go right to the back again. The transition is hard to stop and works rather smoothly. Pena is one of the best practitioners in all of BJJ. It doesn’t matter if he competes in gi or no gi, he is an absolute monster and has technical knowledge that is second to none. Mr. Pena has a couple awesome DVD sets out that can help any Jiu Jitsu practitioner amp up their game.

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