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Roger Gracie Side/Mount System Bundle by Roger Gracie


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Roger Gracie

Professional Fighter

10-Time World Champ Roger Gracie shares the secrets behind his infamous mount system, including the signature cross choke that terrorized the competition from top

  • Use side control to chain together armlocks, chokes, and more as Roger explains how to turn this dominant position into a fight finisher
  • With these series bundled together, you will have a total system built for your top game when you have passed the guard
  • Use Roger’s old school approach to build a game based on solid fundamentals and high percentage techniques, rather than explosion or athleticism
  • Roger Gracie is a 10-Time World Champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and was known for a technically focused game that emphasized effective basics

Attack Side Control & Mount With Systematic Strategy and Technique From 10-Time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion Roger Gracie With This Bundle On His Series On How To Grapple From Dominant Positions

What Will You Learn?

Secure dominant position and use it to your ultimate advantage with the detailed coaching of Roger Gracie, one of the greatest grapplers of all-time, as he explains how to use mount and side control for pressure, position, and submission. Learn the same systems that he used to dominate at elite levels, with the subtle details and combinations that let him unlock old school moves at the highest levels of the sport, as he coaches you through the side control and mount that made his top game a nightmare.

This bundle includes:

  • The Roger Gracie Mount System
  • The Roger Gracie Side Control System

Roger’s style, even against the elite black belts of the world, has always been centered around fundamental concepts and moves that work against everyone. Now you can benefit from his expertise as he explains the keys to success that you can use to level up your game, based on principles that don’t include any athleticism, speed, or strength.

Make your mount an unbreakable home base where you can hunt for submissions with control and pressure, as world-renowned Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion Roger Gracie shows you his system for winning with classic jiu-jitsu. Totally control the mount and then finish the fight with the techniques, combinations, and strategies taught on this 3-part series on mount mastery.

Roger and Mauricio’s side control system is built so that when your opponent defends one move, they open up another, and now you can benefit from this gameplan as he takes you through not just technique but also strategy. Get insider tips from this grappling legend himself as he shares his knowledge.


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