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Gordon Ryan’s Fight Ending Reverse Triangle



This past weekend, Danaher Death Squad black belt, Gordon Ryan returned to his winning ways. After a disappointing loss at the end of 2016 at the hands of Felipe Pena, Gordon has rebounded in a big way. Last weekend, Ryan competed at the sixth edition of the Sapateiro Invitational. The tournament was stacked with great competitors such as 10th Planet standout Richie Martinez, Enrico Cocco and Jesseray Childrey. Gordon fought his way through the tournament and took home the $10,000 grand prize. What was interesting to see was Gordon Ryan’s use of the reverse triangle choke. A submission that is rare in competition was seen twice in the tournament. Let’s take a look at how you can use this triangle choke as an attack off of your opponent’s back.

As with most back attacks, you need to start off with a good control. Stay tight to your opponent with a good seat belt control. After that, you will need to fall to the underhook side of your seat belt control. Put your top side foot on his hip. Use it to push him down while you pull yourself up. Then take your top side leg and use it to clear your opponent’s arm. As you do that, pull your opponent’s arm up with your top side arm. Roll over onto your back and use your underhooking arm to grab your top side shin. Then pull your shin upward to tighten your control. Throw your other leg over your shin to lock up the triangle choke. After it is locked up, fall to the side of the leg that is over your opponent’s shoulder. Now sit up and squeeze. If it in the gi, feel free to grab the pant leg for extra control.

This is an excellent technique to add to your arsenal of back attacks. It transcends gi/no gi and can be a surprising choke. Every great Jiu Jitsu competitor needs to be able to have solid attacks from the back position. Gordon Ryan has used back attacks (along with his leg attacks) as a way of winning championship titles over and over. As I’ve said before, the back is possibly the best position you can achieve in BJJ, so you better know how to attack from there. To improve your techniques from there, you better check out…

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