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Leandro Lo’s Cross Choke From Knee Slice



This past weekend was a huge one for Leandro Lo. Lo competed at the 2017 European Open, deciding to compete in both the 94kg and absolute divisions. What would occur can only be called domination. Leandro took first place not only in the 94kg division, defeating Tanner Rice by armbar, but also took first place in the absolute division where he beat Claudio Calasans 4 points to 0. 2017 is starting off quite successful for the Cicero Costha black belt. Everyone knows Lo’s two destructive paths to his victories. Either he uses his world class spider guard to take out his opponents, or he uses his devastating passing style to overwhelm them. Let’s delve into a beautiful cross choke that he uses from the knee slice…

Leandro begins his knee slice pass in a standard manner. His right hand blocks his opponent’s hips, while his left hand blocks the far arm on the bicep. But perhaps his opponent is defending well, so he gains the cross face with his left arm and drops his hips to the floor to avoid being swept or re-guarded. Using his right hand, he frees the opponent’s lapel so that he can use it for the eventual choke. Lo then passes the lapel under his opponent’s back and transfers the grip to his left hand.

Now he switches his hips once more, and gets his knee to the ground, attempting to complete the knee slice. Lo then transfers the grip once more to his right hand. He will push his opponent’s top elbow into his chest and drop his weight down on it. To finish the choke, he pulls on lapel as he drops his weight and gets his opponent to tap out.

Leandro continues to prove that he is one of the world elite when it comes to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition. His masterful techniques can rarely be stopped and in the last couple years, he has really hit his stride on the big stage. With two huge championship title wins already acquired this year, the dominant streak of Leandro Lo looks to continue. If you want to learn his patented guard and guard passing style then you must check out…

The Lo Guard & Matrix Passing over at BJJ Fanatics. Click here!


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