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Ridiculously Strong No Gi Guard Pass



No gi guard passing can be difficult at times. Unlike passing guard in the gi, there are a severe lack of handles. Collar, belt, and pant grips all disappear which makes guard passing seem futile at times. Once you get familiar with how to survive in and then pass guard, you will become a top notch passer. One no gi guard pass that is exceptionally strong is the double overhook pass. The double overhook pass gives its user an easy path to side control by using pressure, weight and overhooks to make the pass work. Check out this ridiculously strong no gi guard pass…

This is a pass that should start from the standing position. As your opponent is on his back, trying to play open guard, you need to gain control of his feet/ankles. Grab his ankles, and push them together. Once his feet are together, you need to go down to your knees, stuffing his feet underneath you, while you commit your weight down. now you will need to come down, with you arms on the the sides of your opponent, touching your elbows to your knees. While you do that, make sure you maintain your head right in the middle of his chest, to control posture.

To continue on, put your head to the side of your opponent’s trunk. Pick whatever side you feel most comfortable with. You will need to turn your arms over and get overhooks on both of your opponent’s legs. Grab one of your wrists, while you have those overhooks. Now put your weight on the shoulder that is free, and hop right on over to side control. Maintain the overhooks until you can put your close-side knee, under his legs, near his butt. Once you have that connection, get a top side connection and move into a tighter side control.

Passing should not be a fear. You should never be afraid to try and pass the guard. It is essential to a great BJJ game. Great black belts know how to do it, and if you want to reach the pinnacle of the art, you need to as well. Get yourself a good guard passing resource, so check out…

Precise Pressure Passing by Paul Schreiner. Click here!


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