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On A 10th Planet Far, Far Away

On A 10th Planet Far, Far Away


If you watched the Brown Belt Invitational last week you saw the skill and talent presented by those that were representing the 10th planet gym, such as the ultimate winner Kyle Boehm. If you want to chase your dreams and be more like them, then the 10th Planet fundamentals is exactly what you need! JM Holland and Zach Maslany will guide you through their warm-up system in four different sections, showing you the base of their success and techniques. 

10th Planet, founded by Eddie Bravo, is a no-gi centered school that uses a unique blend of exercises. This system is the foundation of the gym, so being shown the fundamental exercises and routines that these two black belts have devised will absolutely be supremely beneficial to anyone looking to improve their Jiu Jitsu. The process is broken down into four different sections and allows each different exercise to be focused on in turn for ultimate retention. Holland and Maslany will guide you through techniques that are designed to improve your movement while simultaneously allowing your muscles to loosen up. After the performance seen in the tournament last week, is there any doubt that they have achieved great success by following these exercises? 


One example of a beginning warmup exercise drill they do is to work on a knee slice from a standing position while your opponent is sitting. The motion, if uncountered is relatively simple, but when does that ever happen? It is certainly beneficial to become familiar with the general body mechanics of a knee slice with no real counter from your drilling partner, so if you are not quite comfortable with the entrance to this technique then feel free to do a few rounds of 



basic knee slice through to a scarf position before you introduce a counter attack. Once you are ready, have your partner begin to add resistance to your entrance by framing against your chest and placing you in a Z-guard like position. This is a common response to a knee slice, so learning how to continue passing is a key skill. Rather than force the rest of your knee slice and risk getting caught in full Z-guard or fall into another trap such as half or full guard, it is better to reach across their body with your far arm while holding the leg that has a knee shield against you in place and taking a big back-step with your leg that is in between theirs. This should land you in a reverse scarf hold, but be sure to keep consistent pressure on your partner with your stationary arm so they are unable to sit up or bridge and roll into you, which would nullify your work! Once you land, keep in contact with their legs with the arm that was holding their shin guard to keep them down and less powerful. 

From that position, your partner will roll away from you and land with their legs up over your shoulders (a granby roll). That leaves the perfect opportunity to stack! Use a heavy chest to pass to one side; your partner will then continue with the same granby motion a few times so you can get some repetition for practice. On the final, catch them before they are able to hook their legs over your shoulders, get a gable grip with an over/under on one leg. From there, sit back and secure a figure four with your legs around their other; by now they should be on their back with your arms around one of their legs, and your legs around their other one. Don’t worry about their arms, you are too far away and have enough secured to keep them from sitting up. Follow the instructions to then take your partners back, flow until you land in a triangle. 

This drill sequence not only gives you a lot of techniques to practice, but also will train your muscles and brain to recognize these openings during live rolling. Practice in portions until you can complete the process smoothly and with confidence and without much thought. 


A warmup that comes later in the series starts with one person on their back and one standing, the partner on their back inserts butterfly hooks. To pass those hooks, the standing partner will toreando and end up in knee-on-belly, while maintaining contact with their opponents legs. Shuffle back and forth with knee-on-belly to get a good feel for the motion of switching sides then, once you are comfortable with the movement, have your partner do a granby roll.

Stop their legs from grabbing a triangle on you and guide yourself through a knee slice and into side control. Eventually you will get to the point where you roll over your partner and land up on your elbow, then work your way onto their back. Allow your partner to escape from that position after working through a rear naked choke series, eventually ending up with your partner securing any guard of their choice. This is a more advanced series, which makes sense because it is towards the end of the instructional segments. 

Though these might seem daunting, the step-by-step guides and seamless flow into new technical movements will allow you to become so much more comfortable flowing on the mats and open your eyes to different escapes or submissions. Soon you might be the next BJJ Fanatics tournament champion!

10th Planet Fundamentals by JM Holland & Zach Maslany

 Learn the 10th Planet System of Drilling with JM Holland and Zach Maslany! It's all covered in 10th Planet Fundamentals. Drilling is the key to success for MANY grapplers. the 10th planet style of drill will embed the system into your game! Learn the names, learn the moves, and DOMINATE!



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