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Get Your Body Ready for Training with Sebastian Brosche

Get Your Body Ready for Training with Sebastian Brosche



Sebastian Brosche has been bridging the gap between yoga and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with his Yoga for BJJ content for several years now. Is there a gap between yoga and BJJ?

If you’re a BJJ practitioner, why haven’t you tried yoga? I feel one of the most beneficial things we can do as martial artists is add yoga to our weekly routine on some level. We expend so much and continually ask more of our bodies with BJJ. Yoga is a way of balancing that expenditure and can actually help you increase your BJJ output. 

Like BJJ, yoga goes incredibly deep. You can spend a lifetime mastering it, as it is an incredibly technical art from. However, yoga doesn’t have to overshadow your BJJ training to become a key player in your performance. With Yoga for BJJ, Brosche allows you to choose the duration of your yoga practice, as well as pick which body part of section of your anatomy you’d like to focus on. This is very helpful for BJJ practitioners that wish to target certain problem areas. 

Are you super inflexible? 

No problem. Brosche has a series entitled. “Yoga for Rocks” that can help to unlock even the tightest of bodies. If you feel like the classic yoga environment just isn’t for you, or simply don’t have time to spend at another facility, Brosche’s programs are a perfect way to experience the benefits of yoga, tailored to your craft.

As I said before, Brosche has a plan for every aspect of your training. He offers programs for the inflexible, rehab for injuries, before and after training movement sequences, and so on. In this video he shares a short warm up routine for BJJ with us. This is a great way to get the blood pumping and prevent injury. Take a look!


Brosche begins with a movement for the hips and the front of the legs. While in a mountain climber style position, he begins to bounce up and down, loosening the muscle. After several of these bounces he performs an explosive movement by placing his weigh in to his hands and switching legs while airborne, mimicking the explosive aspects of our training. 

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As Brosche explains, there are different levels of this particular movement, just as there are different levels to the movements of BJJ. Here he is working at a medium pace. He demonstrates how at an entry level he can remove the jump from the sequence and simply switch his feet to trade places. If you noticed, Brosche is performing a brief handstand in between his repetitions with his legs. The handstand itself could be extended and the movements with the legs sped up, to add a certain level of difficulty and challenge to this particular sequence. 

This simple movement may not seem like much, but it can be whatever you’d like it to be depending on how intense you decide to make it.

Before we train (especially if you’re older) our bodies need woken up before we start to use them in an intense manner. Creating heat and awareness in our bodies is an essential part of warming up. Almost 100% of my injuries have stemmed from not being warmed up. I’m not an old guy, but I’m also not a teenager and adding this type of regular body preparation and maintenance to my training schedule has made an enormous difference in my overall BJJ wellbeing. Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed. 

Yoga For Rocks by Sebastian Brosche

Yoga for Rocks By Sebastian Brosche is a complete program designed to help people of ALL ranges of flexibility, but if you constantly tight Yoga for Rocks is for you! Deal with the struggles of training with active recovery, especially if Sebastian Brosche is helping you out!



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