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Easy Takedown for those Who Don’t Do Takedowns

Easy Takedown for those Who Don’t Do Takedowns


Do Not Be Scared Of The Takedown. Just A Little Knowledge Can Go A Long Way!

Fear of The Unknown

Starting a BJJ match on your feet can be nerve wracking! Especially to a beginner. In competition it’s a must! You begin by facing your opponent not knowing their plan of attack they have or if what you plan on using in an attempt to get them to the ground will work. The ref steps between you for a moment and instructs you with high energy to “Fight”! The two of you start circling each other, grabbing for wrists or sleeves and each of you try to be the aggressor in getting the match underway.

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To Pull Or Not To Pull Guard

I’ve heard conversations on the mats or coaches who advise competitors not to pull guard but I see it often. If someone has a good guard game and doesn’t use it wouldn’t that be self sabotaging?If you don’t know what to do once you pull guard then it may not be advisable for you to attempt it in a match, again you could be putting yourself in an unfortunate situation. There are a few reasons pulling guard could be your best option.

Maybe your opponent is bigger than you or they have a stronger Judo game.

So if you’re not a guard puller, How much do you love takedowns? Being over 50 my body doesn’t really care for them much but I love drilling them in class. Just being able to successfully take someone down to the ground is exhilarating! To start a match on my feet however is still for some reason intimidating to me.

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There are a few easy takedowns you could master and how many do you need really.? Below is one example of an easy arm drag to a trip takedown demonstrated by Stephan Kestling, with the help of a couple of his friends he refers to as the “evil geniuses”.

Takedown Breakdown

This take down involves controlling the hands and gripping your opponents opposite tricep high up near the armpit keeping your elbows tight and dragging it over clearing the way for the next step of the takedown which is going in for the leg. As you in go in for leg you want to immediately release the arm and shoot the undertook so not to allow your opponent to counter drag your arm, giving them the opportunity to take your back.

Landing in a pigeon stretch while going for your opponents leg will allow you to use your foot to trip and your hip to bump them and essentially hyperextend their knee. Moving quickly up the body of your opponent getting to an ear to ear position will reduce your risk of getting caught in an omaplata, which could quickly happen if you stick around too long low on your opponent,  allowing them to bring their foot to the opposite side over your shoulder. Once in the higher position you can start working on your pass.

The “evil geniuses” also show how this is adaptable in the Gi by using your opponents collar to drag them and get the takedown. No trip involved but essentially the same pigeon stretch. When your opponent comes to the ground they end up in an almost turtle position, by keeping your elbow gripping his collar.

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