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The Pillars Clinch and Takedowns by Stephen Whittier


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Stephen Whittier

Professional Fighter

"The Pillars: Clinch & Takedowns" makes it easier than ever for you to:

  1. Skyrocket your grappling game on the feet faster than you ever thought possible
  2. Learn high percentage takedowns without having to shoot in on opponents and get "pancaked" into the mat
  3. Instantly make yourself twice as hard to take down
  4. Develop these great skills without having to rely on speed, explosiveness, or strength
  5. Gain the confidence you need to tense up in a competitive match again because your standup game is so much weaker than your ground game
  6. Train your standup safely without all the injuries commonly associated with grappling the feet and takedowns
  7. Develop a fundamentals-based skillset that will work with or without a gi
  8. And much more!

From Instructor Stephen Whittier:

Attention: 40+ Grapplers who want to improve their standup grappling, but struggle with the attribute-based methods most teach that cater to young, experienced wrestlers or judokas...

Stephen Whittier Instructor

Many a 40+ grapplers suffer from the misconception that training the clinch and takedowns is really hard on the body and way more dangerous to practice than ground techniques.

But nothing could be further from the truth…. If you have the right approach!

"Not what's most basic, but what's most important"...

How did I come up with this approach?

Well, just like I always preach when it comes to other areas of Jiu-Jitsu skill development, it’s all about having a deep focus and understanding of the fundamentals. And remember, if you’re familiar with my work you know that I differentiate between fundamentals and “basics”. To borrow a phrase from Matt Thornton, fundamentals are "not what’s most basic, but what's most important"!

In other words, fundamentals don’t just refer to “basic techniques”, but to the most important physical principles and concepts that make all grappling work at a high level…

Principles like: posture, connection, base and weight distribution, angles and lines of force, etc. When you can develop these, you’ll not only learn any techniques you learn much faster, you’ll also notice that you get WAY better results with far less effort.

Let me give you a quick background on my own experience. ..

My first real grappling experience was Jiu-Jitsu – no wresting background, no Judo.And like most people in the very beginning I spent at least 90% of my grappling time on the ground game, with the other 10% being standup BJJ self-defense techniques.But my very first day of doing vale tudo (early MMA) training, two things very quickly became clear….

  1. If you can’t grapple on the feet, you have a BIG hole in your ability to use your Jiu-Jitsu
  2. If you aren’t comfortable grappling on your feet, you’re going to be stiff, inefficient, and use way too much energy (just like when you first started rolling)

So I took a couple years and really focused on learning the fundamentals of the standup game, with a focus on: The Clinch!

Why? Because so many Jiu-Jitsu students who try to get better at standup grappling try to learn the game like a competitive freestyle wrestler with many years’ experience. As a result, very few have those physical attributes to set up wrestling shots and takedowns from the outside, so they get pancaked on the mat and injured!
With the clinch as your standup grappling base, however, you can learn to control and take down opponents much more effectively – and efficiently!

Well, over the years I have been able to help many Jiu-Jitsu students as well as amateur and professional MMA fighters to improve their skills. And MANY times, my understanding of the deeper mechanical principles I mentioned has allowed me to dramatically improve the technique of even highly experienced wrestlers – often in just one coaching session!

So after tons of requests over the years, I thought it was high time I made this information available to you as well. And if you're a Jiu-Jitsu or grappling student who wants to develop a strong clinch and takedown skill set, then THIS is exactly what you're looking for.

The Pillars Clinch & Takedowns BJJ Fanatics

And what makes this even better? Now you never have to worry about traditional methods and techniques that require a high level of athleticism (and often many years of experience) to work against resisting opponents again! Which also means you're not stuck feeling like you'll always shy away from building a high-performance skill set in this critical aspect of the game.

And best of all...

You'll start seeing results with "The Pillars of Jiu-Jitsu: Clinch & Takedowns" IMMEDIATELY – all for less than most black belts charge for a single private lesson!

So again, if you're a Jiu-Jitsu or grappling student who wants to develop a strong clinch and takedown game, understand this:
  • Standup grappling, takedowns, and takedown defense is half of the game! If you don't know it, you're an incomplete grappler!
  • You don't need to spend more time getting crushed on the bottom during every practice because you're always the one getting taken down.

I'm super confident that The Pillars of Jiu-Jitsu: Clinch & Takedowns from 40 Plus BJJ holds the key to your success with standup grappling.

Stephen Whittier Clinch

Now all YOU need to do is decide to take action and start learning these crucial fundamentals and principles today!

But one word of warning:

As always, this brand new course is available for a VERY LIMITED TIME, only for those who are ready to make a decision and begin implementing these skills into their games right away! (And as an extra incentive to get off the fence, I'm even taking $50 off the regular price for those who do!) So just choose either option below (DVD or Digital format).

I look forward to helping you take your standup grappling game to new heights!


Course Content

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Volume 1

-Introduction: The Master Posture 0 - 5:07
-Head Position 5:07- 13:19
-Hand Fighting 13:19 - 17:18
-Combining Head & Hand Fighting 17:18 - 18:40
-Adding The Snapdown 18:40 - 23:32
-Standing Them Up 23:32 - 27:37
-Single Neck Tie Defense: “Pop & Go” 27:37 - 35:37
-Details On Attacking Base 35:37 - 38:09
-The Single Underhook 38:09 - 41:31
-The Head & Arm Pinch 41:31 - 47:23
-The Russian (2-on-1) 47:23 - 51:21
-The Threaded 2-on-1 51:21 - 55:38

Volume 2

-Sensitivity, Connection, & Pressure 0 - 2:19
-The Arm Drag 2:19 - 9:31
-Circles & Angles Concept 9:31 - 19:38
-The Reverse Grip 19:38 - 25:07
-Passing The Arm vs. Opposite Wrist Grab 25:07 - 28:03
-Arm Drag vs. Same Side Wrist Grab 28:03 - 30:15
-Offensive Pressure Tips 30:15 - 33:40
-The Snap Down 33:40 - 41:03
-Neutral Underhooks & Pummeling 41:03 - 47:23
-Weight Distribution & Base Details 47:23 - 53:25
-The “Magic Shoulder” 53:25 - 57:53

Volume 3

-Repummeling the Arm 0 - 14:59
-Repummel Progression 14:59 - 22:23
-Shotput To Repummel 22:23 - 28:38
-The Hand Swim & The Thumb Block 28:38 - 32:12
-Beating A High Underhook 32:12 - 34:56
-Adding Head Fighting To Body Pummeling 34:56 - 42:57
-The Overhook (Whizzer) 42:57 - 52:06
-Adding The Head Peel 52:06 - 57:10
-Transition To Head & Arm 57:10 - 1:00:21
-Countering A Strong Single Underhook 1:00:21 - 1:04:08

Volume 4

-Switching the Underhook Counter To the Other Side 0 - 3:23
-Beating High Double Underhooks 3:23 - 8:52
-Head Peel Counter To High Double Underhooks 8:52 - 11:09
-The Fist-In-Sternum Counter 11:09 - 15:49
-The Head Peel & Trip Bodylock Counter 15:49 - 23:08
-Counters To the 2-on-1 23:08 - 26:16
-Bodylock Takedown from Over/Under 26:16 - 43:17
-Corkscrew Takedown From Over/Under 43:17 - 48:40
-The Interceptor Trip Takedown 48:40 - 54:11
-Step Step-By Single 54:11 - 59:44

Volume 5

-The Wind Mill Knee Block 0 - 4:06
-Triceps Pull From Wind Mill Knee Block 4:06 - 7:51
-High Single Underhook To Body Lock Takedown 7:51 - 11:14
-High Underhook To High Single Leg Takedown 11:14 - 20:43
-High Underhook To Low Single Leg Takedown 20:43 - 25:18
-High Single Underhook To Inner Reap 25:18 - 31:09
-Transition To the Knee Block 31:09 - 33:05
-Review and Isolation Driling 33:05 - 35:36
-Snap Down To Front Headlock 35:36 - 40:08
-Head & Arm Pinch To Takedown 40:08 - 43:20
-Single Neck Tie With Inside Biceps Control 43:20 - 47:53
-Single Neck Tie With Biceps Control To Duck Under 47:53 - 51:18
-Duck Under To Hip Block Takedown 51:18 - 56:33
-Single Neck Tie With Biceps Control To High Crotch 56:33 - 1:00:01

Volume 6

High Crotch To Double Leg Transition 0 - 2:39
-Double Leg Finish: Details 2:39 - 4:44
-High Crotch To Single Leg Takedown 4:44 - 9:21
-Takedowns Off The 2-On-1 9:21 - 22:33
-Takedown From Front Headlock 22:33 - 26:03
-Head In The Hole To Cradle 26:03 - 42:47
-The Standing Sprawl 42:47 - 48:01
-Using Connection & Weight To Counter the Shot 48:01 - 52:11