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Inaugural Fanatics Brown Belt Invitational Results

Inaugural Fanatics Brown Belt Invitational Results


Did you watch the BJJ Fanatics Brown belt tournament?! Last night we were able to watch some amazing talent on the mats in multiple nogi matches without any black belts in the mix. Gordon Ryan was the guest commentator and did a great job, to no surprise! His ability to relate to the competitors on the mat and discuss it with viewers live was a great addition to watching the stream. The fact that he came into the tournament blind was a novel approach, but gave the feeling of camaraderie as the matches took place, making it feel like we were watching in the same room as him. 

There was a live chat happening as the steam played through on the BJJ Fanatics youtube channel, which allowed people from everywhere to connect and bond through Jiu Jitsu. Each EBI ruled submission only match was action packed and full of incredible skill both offensively and defensively. At the beginning of the stream the strategy for how the bracket was made was explained, which was an interesting insight into how tournaments are designed. Bernardo Faria went through how they first split into teams and wrote each persons name on paper to make the process as fair as possible. He stated how the goal for this inaugural tournament was to focus on fairness and to ensure that everyone competing and viewing was given the best evidence of the talent and skill present on the mats. Teammates were put into different quadrants, and then via blind draw out of a hat filled in the rest of the brackets. The ENTIRE Broadcast is available! Check it out!



The breakdown of the matches and the results are as follows: 

Round 1:

Pedro Marinho (Gracie Barra)vs Nick Ronan (Renzo Gracie)-Marinho

Chase Hannah (10th Planet) vs Sergio Villas (North Jersey MMA)- Hannah

Ryan McCartney (Renzo Gracie) vs Roberto Jiminez (Alliance) - McCartney

Pierre-Olivier LeClerc (Renzo Gracie) vs James Cook (Crossroad BJJ) - LeClerc

Kyle Boehm (10th Planet) vs Chase Davis (ATT) - Boehm

Aaron Harris (Black Hole BJJ) vs Giancarlo Bordini (Alliance) --Harris

Andrew Alexander (10th Planet) vs Steven Ramos (Atos) - Alexander

James Banville (10th Planet) vs Arian De Melo (Gracie Barra) - De Melo

Peter Hailer (Lauzon MMA) vs Andrew Jacobs (Lauzon MMA) - Hailer

Isaak Michell (Renzo Gracie) vs Eric Koval (Alliance) - Koval

Quentin Leahy (Fuji Gym) vs Jesseray Childrey (Killer Bees) - Childrey 

Round 2:

Pedro Marinho (Gracie Barra) vs Kyle Boehm (10th Planet)- Boehm

Chase Hannah (10th Planet) vs Aaron Harris (Black Hole BJJ) - Hannah

Andrew Alexander (10th Planet) vs Ryan McCartney (Renzo Gracie)- Alexander

Arian De Melo (Gracie Barra) vs Kody Steele (Checkmat) - Steele 


Peter Hailer (Lauzon MMA) vs Kyle Boehm (10th Planet)- Boehm

Chase Hannah (10th Planet) vs Eric Koval (Alliance) - Koval

Andrew Alexander (10th Planet) vs Jesseray Childrey (Killer Bees)- Childrey

Pierre-Olivier LeClerc (Renzo Gracie) vs Kody Steele (Checkmat) - Steele 


Jesseray Childrey (Killer Bees) vs Kyle Boehm (10th Planet)- Boehm

Chase Hannah (10th Planet) vs Kody Steele (Checkmat)- Hannah 


Kyle Boehm (10th Planet) vs Chase Hannah (10th Planet) - BOEHM! 

The first match of the evening showed Nick Ronan coming back from two major knee injuries, tearing his meniscus twice. The majority of the match had Nick on the ground trying to get underneath Pedro while Pedro attempted to pin him but was unable to get his feet to the inside to secure a position. Eventually Pedro was able to get passed Nick’s guard and control the head, giving him room to take the back and submit. 

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Chase Hannah and Sergio Villas had a quick match, both hunting hard for a leg lock most of the time. Chase was able to find the submission first and gave 10th planet their first win of the night. Ryan and Roberto also had a fast matchup that was centered around leg locks, ultimately ending with McCartney securing the tap from Jiminez. 

LeClerc and Cook had a great variety of submission attempts between the two of them, showing a vast knowledge from both sides of the sport. Pierre was able to lock in a body triangle and get the submission via a choke from the back. Kyle Boehm and Chase Davis were another group to give a great show of excellent technique and ability to stay calm under pressure, with Boehm eventually taking Davis’ back for yet another choke. 

Aaron Harris’ win over Giancarlo Bordini was the first match to bring about an injury. Harris submitted Bordini with an inverted heel hook, which resulted in a knee injury for Giancarlo. This was our first reminder that submission only tournaments can bring about the highest level of stubbornness in all of us, and when we refuse to submit to something it oftentimes backfires on us! We will be sure to keep you updated on Bordini’s recovery and reaction to his match in the aftermath. This result shouldn’t take away from Harris’ game plan, and his ability to recover multiple times into a submission. 

The second win for 10th planet was given to Andrew Alexander over Ramos. Both competitors showed excellent control and a great balance of offensive and defensive skills. A very informative discussion on penalties and staying engaged in your match was influenced by Banville and De Melo. Hailer and Jacobs had one of the fastest takedowns of the night, starting with a flurry of action. Both opponents exhibited amazing stamina and agility, but eventually Hailer was able to navigate his way to a submission. 

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Isaak and Eric brought about an example of how to grapple with someone of a different size, using your strengths and your opponents weaknesses to your own advantage. Isaak had an incredible example of an armbar escape, though he ultimately did get submitted by Eric in the shortest match of the night. Jesseray and Quintin “Frosty” definitely didn’t have as fast of a match as the previous, but kept engaged and active. Jesseray was able to counter a heel hook and secure an achilles submission. 

The second round of the competition had the first overtime round with a five minute cap, both players ended the match visibly tired with Kyle Boehm getting the tap. The next match between Chase Hannah and Aaron Harris had the second major injury of the night with Aaron Harris injuring his rib pretty quickly into the round. Andrew Alexander and Ryan had a very methodical and mental match, both very controlled and precise in their movements. 

Kody Steele made his first appearance of the night going up against Arian De Melo and ended up in the second match with overtime. Kody was able to secure a body triangle and get the tap with a choke from the back. Hailer, coming off of an exhausting match went against Boehm next who was relatively fresh even though he had gone into overtime. Boehm was able to once again come out the winner, preserving his energy again by submitting quickly. One of the biggest size differentials of the tournament was Alexander vs Childrey, showing the opportunities of a speed advantage on one end and a power advantage on the other. LeClerc and Steele rounded out the last of the semi finals with an exciting and wrestle-heavy match; Steele coming out the winner after another overtime. 

The tournament ended with a battle of 10th planet teammates after Chase Hannah made it to the finals with his win over Kody Steele. Hannah and Kyle Boehm, both leg lock hunters did an excellent job changing up directions on each other and staying active yet explosive the entire match. The final match was a perfect tournament ender, going into three overtimes, with Kyle Boehm ultimately ending as the tournament Champion!

We hope you enjoyed the tournament as much as we did, and hopefully soon another BJJ Fanatics tournament will be able to view, this time showcasing black belts! Maybe King Ryan will even provide his stellar commentary once again!


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