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Reverse Triangle from a Bad Spot, with Joel Bouhey

Reverse Triangle from a Bad Spot, with Joel Bouhey



The "magic" of Jiu Jitsu is its ability to turn a problem into a solution.  It's an optimistic sport in that there always seems to be a solution to every tough situation--even if you don't know what those solutions are yet.

Joel Bouhey shows us one solution for when we're stuck in an opponent's side control.  He turns this bad spot into an opportunity with a Reverse Triangle attempt.


Starting in bottom side control with his training partner's left arm around his head and his right arm across his body, Bouhey begins by executing the basics we should all know and turn to automatically: frames.

He frames against his opponent's neck and body using his forearms.  Then, Bouhey lifts his hips up to create space and then hip escapes away from his opponent.  

Now, so far, this is pretty basic stuff.  BJJ 101.  The difference comes with what Bouhey does with the bit of space that he's built between himself and his teammate.

Most of us would try to scoot our upper body away from our opponent to regain guard.  Bouhey's upper body actually moves toward his opponent's side as he focuses on using his legs for attack.

As soon as he has space, Bouhey locks his opponent's right arm.  He pulls his right leg in between himself and his training partner.  Then, he brings his left leg over his opponent so that his partner's neck is cupped in the crook of Bouhey's left knee.

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His teammate's right arm is then trapped between Bouhey's legs, and Bouhey can finish the submission by hyperextending the arm using his armpit (0:47).

Bouhey admits that a skilled opponent might see this coming.  In the event that his teammate yanks his arm away, Bouhey always has the option to simply recover guard.

If his opponent pulls his arm away but then smashes, Bouhey uses this opportunity to go for the reverse triangle.  He grabs his opponent's triceps while kicking his tucked right leg out from between himself and his opponent.  As he kicks his leg out, Bouhey is also rotating himself toward his opponent's legs to get in position for the reverse triangle.

That free right leg then locks into a figure four with the leg that Bouhey had over his teammate's head.  

From here, Bouhey can squeeze his legs for the triangle choke, or, if things aren't just right, he can attack his opponent's arm with an armbar, Americana, or kimura.  

Even if his opponent climbs over Bouhey in an attempt to escape, Bouhey has a toe hold available.

The beauty of this set of moves is that it shifts the balance between you and your opponent.  Suddenly, your opponent is on defense while you're on offense.  The pressure is now on your opponent, making mistakes more likely.

Even if none of these attacks get a submission, that shift in momentum can be invaluable.

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