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The Gogoplata Makes an Appearance at Subversiv!

The Gogoplata Makes an Appearance at Subversiv!


The BJJ community is still talking about Subversiv, the new team grappling competition format brought to us by Seth Daniels and Fight to Win Pro. Subversiv held its first event this past weekend in Los Angeles, and 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu came away victorious, taking 10K in prize money with them.

 During a match with Alex Sever this past weekend at Subversiv, Geo Martinez called up a classic submission, that in modern times has been made famous by 10TH Planet practitioners, the gogoplata. Martinez submitted Sever with the gogoplata and gave the infamous sub a moment in the spotlight.

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The gogoplata has been around for quite some time, and it’s been made more popular at the hands of 10th Planet practitioners through its pairing with the rubber guard. The brutal submission has made appearances on some of combat’s biggest stages including Pride, The UFC, and even the WWE. A famous moment for the gogoplata would surely be Nick Diaz’s win over Takanori Gomi in Pride 33. Diaz’s win was later stripped due to a failed marijuana test, but it was still an impressive win and great execution of the technique. Check it out!

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So, what is the gogoplata?

Check out this fantastic breakdown from Brandon McCaghren.

McCaghren does an amazing job of detailing the proper positioning and mechanics to bring the gogoplata to life. He goes on to further explain a contingency for when our opponent attempts to shield his neck from the attack, which leads to a nice reversal. The details on the rubber guard position itself here are gold. Many times, we attribute the rubber guard to only lending itself the most bendy BJJ players, and yes it may require a base level of flexibility, but McCaghren lets us in on a couple positional secrets that may put the rubber guard at arm’s reach for the average practitioner.

It was cool to see the gogoplata make another appearance on a big stage. Congratulations to Martinez and to 10PJJ on the victory at Subversiv!

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