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Seth Daniels Hits a Home Run with Exciting new Competition Format “Subversiv”

Seth Daniels Hits a Home Run with Exciting new Competition Format “Subversiv”


F2W Creator Brings Team Competition to the Fray

Team competition formats are relatively new to BJJ, but they seem to be gaining lots of traction with BJJ fans, and they’re getting some attention from high level competitors around the globe stepping up to participate. Most recently Seth Daniels, creator of Fight to Win Pro, has thrown his hat into the ring with Subversiv. 

Seth Daniels has achieved massive success with FTWPro. He’s been criss crossing the country for the last few years, giving BJJ athletes in hundreds of different cities the opportunity to compete in front of their home towns in what feels more like a high-profile MMA fight than a BJJ super fight. The FTWPro platform is one of a kind, and it’s run like a well-oiled machine. Having been a part of 4 FTW Pros myself, I can attest to the amazing organization, and professionalism that Seth and his team put forth. FTWPro has given back to the BJJ community in a big way, and it done its oart on showcasing BJJ around the county. And it looks like Daniels will once again further the art with his new BJJ competition format.

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Subversiv is Daniels’s newest brainchild. The contest is EBI rules, with all submissions and slams allowed. 4 Teams of 5 athletes participate in the contest, and the winning team gets to split 10K.

The inaugural event took place on Saturday, and it did not disappoint. 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu came away victorious with some outstanding performances. Other teams that night included, Team Carlson Gracie, Team Lloyd Irvin, and Chekmat.

The team format is interesting for sure. As Subversiv gains momentum and popularity, there’s a good chance we will see more of BJJ’s top tier athletes take part. Thank you, Seth Daniels, for your efforts in furthering the art, and we’re looking forward to the next Subversiv!

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