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Seth Daniels


Seth Daniels


Seth Daniels is most well-known as a event and fight promoter as CEO of Fight 2 Win Pro.  He and his team have brought an almost weekly rock and roll grappling show to cities around the US.  With nearly 100 events under their belt, they have worked with a who's who of the grappling world as well as creating a space for the average competitor to showcase their skills!

With a new venture Subversiv, which will be a team approach to grappling competition, Daniel's hopes to reinvent what we know of as grappling competition yet again.

Most recently Seth has also stepped onto the grappling instructional stage himself with his new release from BJJ Fanatics, the Fight 2 Win System.

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Notable Techniques


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Here are just a few key techniques that Seth shared with us at BJJ Fanatics.  They will have you laughing and dominating your opponents in absolutely no time.  Don't waste your time with a bunch of fancy moves with a million steps.

Cement Mixer and Reverse Cement Mixer

Tricky Foot Sweep Featuring Bernardo Faria

Seth is well known for a viral foot sweep technique he calls the Rick James.  Check it out here!

Kimura from De La Riva

Who would have imagined you could land a kimura from being in De La Riva guard.  Seth Daniels is going to change how you look at jiu jitsu!


Below are a few of the fight or match videos that are available on YouTube for Seth Daniels. Though he does not compete full time, preferring to create a space for up and coming and established competitors to work their magic.


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Seth Daniels Vs. Esteban Martinez Colorado State Championships


Seth Daniels Vs 10th Planet Athlete at Colorado State Championships


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