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Easy Back Take from Closed Guard by Raphael Carneiro

Easy Back Take from Closed Guard by Raphael Carneiro


Turn your closed guard into the danger zone for your opponent

Closed guard sometimes gets a bad rap.  It can be perceived as just a stalling position if the person on bottom is just holding on and not trying to reverse or submit.  But in the hands of an active closed guard player, it can be a safe place to launch all sorts of attacks like this back take from Raphael Carneiro.

The advantageous part of closed guard is that the person stuck in closed guard has a very limited menu of options for offense.  They must work their way out in order to choke or joint lock their opponents.  While the person on the bottom has a whole host of sweeps, submissions and position advancement opportunities.

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Check out this slick back take from the closed guard position that you can begin adding to your game right away.

 Once Raphael is able to break the grip on the lapel, he transitions the arm across the body essentially beginning to expose the back.  He pulls his legs in to make the grab on the far lat ultra controlling.  With a minor hip out, he is able to kick his leg and create his first hook.  Finally, he makes a move to put the second hook up and over the back and sinks in the seatbelt grip.

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