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Bruno Malfacine Strangles MMA Opponent in Brave CF

Bruno Malfacine Strangles MMA Opponent in Brave CF


Grappling legend off to 3-0 start in MMA

Ten time IBJJF World Champion Bruno Malfacine dominated his most recent opponent Cristian Rodriguez with a 1st round victory in Abu Dhabi in the Brave CF organization.  After feeling each other out for a few minutes, Bruno shot in for the takedown and it was all downhill for him from there.  With the perfect blend of ground and pound and jiu jitsu prowess, Malfacine was able to maintain dominant positioning to rain strikes down upon his opponent until he was able to sink in the Rear Naked Choke before the round ended.

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This fight takes Bruno's MMA record to 3-0 and puts him well on his way to matching his dominant BJJ career.  BJJ Fanatics is excited to soon have Bruno in to film an upcoming instructional that we're sure will change your game.

Check out the full fight below for yourself:

While we wait for the upcoming Bruno Malfacine release, head over to BJJ Fanatics and browse some of the hundreds of titles available like Will Grundhauser's Side Control Destruction which is guarantee to make your opponents think they have been run over by a steamroller when you get them in side control.  You can get it here at BJJ Fanatics!





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