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The King Of MMA Trash Talk Returns - McGregor and Khabib at UFC 229 Press Conference

The King Of MMA Trash Talk Returns - McGregor and Khabib at UFC 229 Press Conference


The spectacle that will be UFC 229 kicked off in the normal “McGregor esque” fashion this Friday, with a loud and spite filled exchange of words between McGregor and the UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Conor wastes no time with his jabs at Khabib, starting with how he cowardly reacted during Conor’s notorious bus attack back in April of this year. Conor also showed up touting his new Irish Whiskey, Proper Twelve, opening a bottle of it, and sharing a drink with UFC president Dana White (of which was also offered to Nurmagomedov, but was promptly turned down). The slew of insults continues, with Conor commenting on Khabib being a fan boy, an amateur and a “glass jaw rat”.

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Khabib shows very little emotion through the whole affair, sitting firm on what will happen to McGregor on October 6th. For the most part, he does stay quiet and calm, but he eventually opens up a bit, and sends a few verbal jabs back at Conor. Khabib touches on his superior wrestling, and gladly invites Conor to wrestle with him on October 6th.

Both men touch on how they are ready for a war, and that their camps have been very intense and successful. The fight in a few weeks will be a epic one for the fans, and a good one for the sport.

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Highlights can be seen here:

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Or, the whole press conference can be seen here (the actual press conference starts at the 43:00 mark):


Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor will face off for the UFC Lightweight Championship on October 6th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tickets to the event at T-Mobile arena are sold out, but everyone else can watch on Pay-Per-View.


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