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Russell Brand Describes the Benefits of BJJ

Russell Brand Describes the Benefits of BJJ


Hollywood star describes BJJ Benefits

Recently, actor, comedian and BJJ practitioner Russell Brand posted a video to social media, sharing initial insights on the humble beginnings of his journey into the world of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.


He points out some of the initial feelings when headed into a jiu jitsu gym for the first time, from the “stubble and sweat” in your face, being crushed under the weight of your partner, and the initial “subjugation” doled out by your training partners. The initial feelings of heading to a jiu jitsu gym for the first time vary from person to person, but we can all agree that there is some initial apprehension. The big guy scares you. You did not know a 105 lb. person could feel so heavy. What were some of the things that you felt in your first week? I bet you felt a lot of the same, because we all did.

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He also talks about the “aggression and animalism” that you begin to delve into, and find within yourself during your first months of training. Brand touches on how this can intertwine into all aspects of your life.

Being able to translate and harness this new found “aggression and higher energy”, and then morph that into being more assertive when needed, but all the while still being able to stay calm and and not become “submerged, lost, hysterical” in a moment of life that can be stressful or difficult. As an adult, and as a professional, this is a very important skill to work on.

Think about it. All situations that arise in life are not always easy. And, at some point, you will need to assert yourself and interject “higher energy” to the situation. Jiu jitsu has a way of making this easier, because when we train, we must make the quick decision to stay calm, or to use that “higher energy”. We are used to this mental process. We practice it daily on the mat. Think about a few difficult situations you had to handle before you started training.

Do you think you can handle them better now? I bet there are a few retrospect situations that you can think of, and begin to understand how your jiu jitsu training has affirmed you in the outcome.

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“Life is struggle, and a martial art like Brazilian jiu jitsu teaches you that”. Being able to learn from and translate that struggle into a positive addition to your life can be an amazing, life long benefit. Those struggles and experienced subjugation are what jiu jitsu is all about, and are what makes it so beneficial to everyone, from all walks of life. Embrace the struggle, and use it to your own benefit.


We can all relate to this video because if you train, you have been there. And it is always refreshing to see people (and particularly, celebrities) share their experience, and give their points of view on something we all experience. It lets all of us know we are doing something right, and everything is going according to plan!


Take a minute to watch the video. It is worth the time!




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