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Get Your Gogoplata On with Brandon McCaghren

Get Your Gogoplata On with Brandon McCaghren


One of the most exciting and colorful styles of jiu jitsu originated from the vision of Eddie Bravo.  His 10th Planet system was created as a way to continue to expand and evolve the jiu jitsu Eddie learned as a student of Jean Jacques Machado and make it more impactful for MMA.

With many affiliates and black belts around the world, the 10th Planet system continues to influence grapplers everywhere with it's unique and entertaining names for techniques.  One of the system's premiere black belt proponents, Brandon McCaghren recently visited with Bernardo Faria and shared some of his knowledge.

Check out this video from BJJ Fanatics and see if you can start incorporating the Gogoplata into your game plan.  Make sure you get to yoga class too, because you may need some flexible hips. 

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