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Add This Effective Rolling Truck To Your Arsenal With Geo Martinez

Add This Effective Rolling Truck To Your Arsenal With Geo Martinez


When you are watching high level Jiu Jitsu competitors land seemingly wild rolling attacks such as the rolling kimura, you may think these techniques are extremely hard and look as if they are done so effortlessly. Obviously high level competitors are extremely technical, but with correct form and understanding of the mechanics of the move, anyone can learn it.

Rolling attacks like the rolling kimura or rolling truck are extremely effective because they take you and your partner into a completely different position very quickly. One second your opponent is sitting in an open guard and the next you have his back and are attacking. When done quickly and correctly, these techniques can bring you to a submission in no time.

It is important to pay attention to the small details in these types of techniques. Looking at exactly where to grip such as right below the knee instead of right above, hooking the leg in the correct spot, and properly rolling over the correct shoulder. Look at it like a puzzle, when all the pieces are put together correctly, it looks perfect in the end!

In this video, Geo Martinez demonstrates a variation of the mechanics of a rolling truck, check it out below!

Taking A Look At The Technique

This move works best when your partner is in a seated open guard and you are standing. For this variation you are going to be taking your momentum to your left side, which is the right side of your partner's body. The first step in the technique is going to be to step in between your partner's legs with your right leg.

Once you have stepped between his legs, the next steps are going to have to be done quickly before he has the ability to retain some sort of guard. From here you are going to use your left hand to grip just below your partner's knee on his right leg. When you have this, you then roll over your right shoulder.

This all needs to happen over a flow which you will find through practicing. If you go too slow he could counter you and if you go too fast your technique may be sloppy. The goal is to catch him off guard and roll underneath him, carrying his hips over top of you. 

Ready to add more creative truck variations to your game?



As you roll, use the grip you have below his knee to push that leg in so you can hook it with your leg. As you roll through, once you have that hook reinforce it by locking ankles with your other leg. This will help you to push his leg out and extend it for the finish.

The last step is going to be to address your opponents other leg. For this you simply go 2 on 1 on that leg, or secure an S grip around the knee. Pull and extend his legs and you will finish with the truck.

Other Details To Take Note Of

One of the most important details to consider is the knee control. If you don’t push your opponent's leg inside and get in deep with your hook, you are not going to have full control over your opponent and he is going to be shrimp out and you won't be able to finish him with the truck.

The rolling truck is very similar to the rolling kimura. You have to step in the middle and you have to control underneath the knee. As you are rolling and in transition, you are going to push that leg in making your hook deep, giving you very strong control.

About Geo Martinez

Geo Martinez is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Eddie Bravo, and is considered one of the top American grapplers in the No-Gi competitive scene. Geo quickly progressed to black belt after training under the 10th planet Jiu Jitsu system.

Geo has placed 1st in the EBI Invitational three times, first place in the 2014 ADCC trials, 1st place in the 2014 Gracie Nationals, along with many other achievements. Before Jiu Jitsu he had dedicated his life to breakdancing, giving him many of the physical abilities desired by Jiu Jitsu athletes such as flexibility, strength, and balance. 

About Geo’s Instructional 

Geo has dedicated this entire instructional towards the world of the truck submission. He covers the subject areas of entries, control, and the submission itself. Included you will find techniques such as arm drag to truck, reverse De La Riva-crab ride-pizza truck, calf slicer, and so much more.

Geo is an impressive athlete who came up in the Jiu Jitsu world quicker than most due to his tremendous talent. If you are really trying to master a move such as the truck, an instructional such as this will help you find it from any position. Check out Geo’s insurtcutional here!



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