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Kyle Boehm Shines Again At BJJ Fanatics Grand Prix

Kyle Boehm Shines Again At BJJ Fanatics Grand Prix



There’s plenty to talk about from last night’s BJJ Fanatics Submission Only Grand Prix. As the crowd packed in at the Cabot in Beverly, Massachusetts, some of the best no gi fighters in the game today began preparing to claim the 10K cash prize. The venue was aesthetically incredible and the energy was just as you expect for an event of this caliber. 

The ruleset pushed the action, with 10-minute rounds, in which no points were awarded. An EBI overtime format was implement ed to determine the winner int eh event that a submission was not produced. Kyle Boehm is no stranger to this exciting ruleset and he fully used it to his advantage last night in his quest to leave the Cabot $10,000 richer. Boehm, who won the inaugural BJJ Fanatics tournament consisting of only brown belts, has been riding a string of successful competition endeavors. He seems to be gaining momentum and confidence with every performance and he’s becoming a favorite of the fans in the no gi scene. 

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Boehm had plenty of grinders last night. His ability to stay focused and continue to work in the face of any adversity is one of his greatest talents. Boehm would find himself in grueling overtime rounds last night with the talented Jason Rau, and a game Tex Johnson on his way to the final. Boehm really shined in these extra rounds, employing excellent strategy and intelligent control to secure the victories and earn himself a shot at the 10K.

On the other side of the bracket, Lucas Barbosa was enjoying a performance equally impressive to Boehm’s. He managed to best Phenom Nicky Rodriguez in an exciting match that went the distance, seeing Barbosa victorious in overtime. Barbosa barely broke a sweat in many of his matches. He was on fire last night and picked up momentum on his way to meet Boehm in the final. 

As the two converged on the mat, Boehm was able to keep Barbosa at bay for most of the regulation time, using his guard to manage Barbosa’s pressure. Boehm jumped guard a few times during the round and even attempted to set up the rubber guard a few times, but Barbosa was able to thwart off any attempts at progress from Boehm. As the 10-minute round progressed it seemed imminent that the contest would be decided in the overtime rounds and that’s exactly where the two ended up. 

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Boehm and Barbosa would work through a full cycle of overtime rounds. Each choosing the back as their preferred position to start from. Neither competition could secure a submission on the other and it was clear this was going to come down to escape time. With both competitors completely exhausted it would be Boehm that would take Barbosa’s back for the last overtime round. The intensity picked up considerably, as Hulk knew he needed to make a quick exit and fought tirelessly to do so. Boehm secured a body triangle and double under hooks as a method of control and managed to keep Hulk inside of his back control for the duration of the last overtime round. At one point the competitors were so exhausted that there was almost no movement, leading the referee to check on Hulk, making sure he was still conscious. As the time ran out, it was Boehm who would steal this one from Hulk on escape time. This was a fantastic match and both Hulk and Boehm left it all on the mat. Boehm would accept his 10K check and trophy following the match from the BJJ Fanatics team. 

Boehm has once again confirmed that he is a new force in the no gi grappling scene with his incredible performance at the Cabot. He’s proven to be effective in different rulesets, and last night was yet another feather in his cap, besting some of today’s most incredible talent in a new format. Boehm is here to stay and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for this incredibly talented rising star. Congratulations Kyle Boehm on an absolutely beautiful performance!

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