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Diamond Concept: The Diamond Guard Frame, Shield, Elegant, Pedal by Xande Ribeiro


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Xande Ribeiro

Professional Fighter

Stay safe and always keep your guard with Xande Ribiero’s revolutionary diamond concept of defense

  • Learn Xande’s diamond concept that lets him defend, escape, and reguard against the best in the world
  • Take away the pressure and get back to guard with these keys to Xande’s defensive system
  • Everyone from beginners to black belts can learn from Xande’s methodical system of escaping some of the worst positions in all of BJJ
  • Xande is an ADCC Champion and IBJJF Absolute World Champion with one of the most decorated competitive careers ever

Course Content

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Volume 1

how to never get your bjj guard passed by xande ribeiro 0 - 19:12
Concepts 19:12 - 25:23
Diamond and Frame 25:23 - 29:22
elongating - for protection 29:22 - 36:24
Sheild and Spur 36:24 - 43:54
Peddle #footinhip 43:54 - 50:50
Coming up on Elbow (chain with Super Hold) 50:50 - 55:47

Volume 2

Hip escape 0 - 4:48
Reverse hip escape 4:48 - 9:36
Coming up to Elbow 9:36 - 11:26
Hip Escape coming up to elbow 11:26 - 14:37
Superhold Defense shield insertion 14:37 - 20:11
Superhold Defense hip switch 20:11 - 25:40
Superhold Defense hip switch combo 25:40 - 28:04
Shield defense for hip raise 28:04 - 32:10

Volume 3

Hip Switch with heavy Esgrima 0 - 3:19
Esgrima defense with Knee Insertion 3:19 - 6:24
Smash Frame defense from Underhook 6:24 - 9:52
Shoulder Pressure defense from half guard 9:52 - 15:47
Over the shoulder reverse half guard defense 15:47 - 20:43
Reverse hip Escape 20:43 - 26:17

Volume 4

Cross knee defense 0 - 5:04
Cross knee defense near Shoulder pressure 5:04 - 8:40
Knee Drive Defense 8:40 - 14:08
Cross Knee Defense #bladedrill 14:08 - 18:10
Bull Fight Defense 18:10 - 22:27
Kesa Gatame defense 22:27 - 27:21
Reverse Kesa Gatame 27:21 - 31:01

Learn The Fundamental Posture That Has Made Xande Riberio One Of The Most Decorated BJJ Competitors and Coach In BJJ History

This Simple Concept Will Stop Your Guard From Getting Passed & Allow You To Keep Safe & Escape Side Control - Your Mind Will Be Blown

Xande Riberio Unlocks The Secrets Of His Diamond Concept 

Cross knee defense near shoulder pressure with Xande Ribeiro:

What Will You Learn?

Retain your guard, reguard from bad positions, and escape out of some of BJJ’s most painful and dominant pins with Xande’s concepts and system around using his body to create space and leverage where he needs it most. Give yourself the keys to escaping and use the diamond concept of defense to take your BJJ to the next level.

Xande Ribiero is a legendary fighter and coach, winning IBJJF and ADCC world championships with his old school style. As a black belt absolute champion, Xande’s concepts and knowledge go past size and strength and are rooted in fundamental positioning and technique.

Now, along with his brother, Xande is one of the world’s best grappling coaches and head of the Ribiero Jiu-Jitsu team that is packed with talented and technical students under his tutelage. Now is your chance to learn from his expertise and experience as he breaks down one of the most important concepts in his arsenal.

From beginners to world champion black belts, escaping from bad positions against a good opponent can be one of the most difficult tasks in all of BJJ if you don’t have a plan!

Now you can learn one of the most effective and battle-tested systems around how to take away the pressure and get back to your best positions. With specific moves, drills, and plans that will keep you in the game, you can become a safer and more confident fighter with the ability to fight back even against extreme pressure.

With escapes honed against some of the best pressure fighters in jiu-jitsu, and proven at the world championship level, Xande Ribiero’s diamond concepts are an invaluable tool that you will use every time you hit the mat.

Learn the foundational skill of working out of a bad position across these four volumes as you see Xande’s concepts applied to the different positions, passes, and pressures that we all see on the mat most often.

So What Does It All Cost?

Well, that depends, what is it worth to be able to learn the best guard retention and defensive methods?

Xande Ribeiro has not had his guard passed in over 10 years. We could have easily charged you $147 for this kind of experience, but we're not going to do that

Instead, cut that price by almost 50%

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