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Dominating The Front Headlock by Dan Vallimont


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Dan Vallimont

Professional Fighter

Dominate The Front Headlock Position With Elite Level Strategies From 2-Time NCAA All-American Dan Vallimont

  • Vallimont is a former D1 wrestling coach, Olympic trials veteran, and currently wrestles for the Penn RTC at the elite senior level
  • Learn and master the basics of the front headlock position with set-ups, ideas on how to enter, and techniques that will help you to control and dominate your training partners
  • Use multiple offensive strategies to funnel your opponents into danger and develop a new understanding of this crucial position and all it has to offer

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0
Introduction - Introduction to front headlock 1:30
Getting to front headlock 1 (fake and pull) 7:55
Getting to front headlock 2 (inside tie) 12:53
Getting to front headlock 3 (collar tie) 17:20
Getting to front headlock 4 (from opponent shot) 24:52
Snap go-behind drill from knees 33:26

Volume 2

Finishes from the mat - Push, pull punch finish 0
Head in the hole tradition finish 11:36
Near side cradle 17:23
Roll-through cradle 22:19
Cement mixer 28:05
Fake cement mixer to wrist pull go behind 34:25
Rolling cement mixer 39:45
Rip/chop 44:28

Volume 3

Head pinch 0
Knee tap 6:08
Elbow control single 13:57
Elbow control pancake 22:59
Elbow control fake single/switch directions 28:31
Misdirecting throw by 34:04
Knee behind the armpits 39:38

Volume 4

Finishing from the mat - Snap to mat (push, pull punch) 0
Low leg cradle 6:33
Inside trip 11:33
Near side cradle 19:11
Ankle pick 25:38
Fake near side cradle, let head pop, pull to high crotch or double 31:32
Elbow pass to high crotch or double 37:23
Elbow pass single 42:40
Elbow pass to ankle pick 48:28
Head pinch 52:07
Near or far leg carry 56:26
Fake knee tap to arm throw 1:03:21
Elevator 1:07:46
Cross knee pick 1:12:34
Outro 1:16:32

Dominate The Front Headlock Position With Elite Level Strategies From 2-Time NCAA All-American Dan Vallimont 



What Will You Learn?

In Dominating From the Front Headlock, 2-Time Penn State All-American, National Finalist, and, 5-time placer at US Senior Open Dan Vallimont is going to share with you the most crucial fundamental concepts of the front headlock position. Using effective and efficient set-ups, entries, and multiple offensive strategies, dominating from this important position will become more accessible and easier than you ever thought possible! 

Get Way More Front Headlocks With These Drills




In 4-parts, Vallimont will introduce you to everything from the basic fundamentals of the front headlock to set-ups and multiple variations of amazing offense. You'll use misdirection, snaps, cradles, fakes, knee picks, and loads more techniques all in combination with the front headlock to help you develop a high-level game from this incredibly versatile position! Whether you're a seasoned vet or a beginner looking to get familiar with the position there is something for everyone here! 

Score From Front Headlocks With These Tricky Attacks




Vallimont is heavily decorated as a competitor and highly regarded as a phenomenal coach. He's seen it all and when it comes to the front headlock you couldn't ask for a better more well-equipped guide on the subject. This is a rare opportunity to learn from one of the best to ever step on the mat and add new and dangerous tools to your arsenal!

Keep Opponents Guessing With Combo Techniques



So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1: Introduction

  • Introduction to Front Headlock
  • Getting to Front Headlock 1 (Fake and Pull)
  • Getting to Front Headlock 2 (Inside Tie)
  • Getting to Front Headlock 3 (Collar Tie)
  • Getting to Front Headlock 4 (From Opponent Shot)
  • Snap Go-Behind Drill From Knees

Part 2: Finishes From The Mat

  • Push, Pull Punch Finish
  • Head In The Hole Traditional Finish
  • Nearside Cradle
  • Roll-Through Cradle
  • Cement Mixer
  • Fake Cement Mixer to Wrist Pull Go Behind
  • Rolling Cement Mixer
  • Rip/Chop

Part 3

  • Head Pinch
  • Knee Tap
  • Elbow Control Single
  • Elbow Control Pancake
  • Elbow Control Fake Single/Switch Directions
  • Misdirecting Throw By
  • Knee Behind The Armpits

Part 4: Finishing From The Mat

  • Snap to Mat (Push, Pull Punch)
  • Low Leg Cradle
  • Inside Trip
  • Nearside Cradle
  • Ankle Pick
  • Fake Nearside Cradle, Let Head Pop, Pull to High Crotch or Double
  • Elbow Pass to High Crotch or Double
  • Elbow Pass Single
  • Elbow Pass to Ankle Pick
  • Head Pinch
  • Near or Far Leg Carry
  • Fake Knee Tap to Arm Throw
  • Elevator
  • Cross Knee Pick
  • Outro

So, What Does It Cost?