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Kimura Hunting by Kazushi Sakuraba


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Kazushi Sakuraba

Professional Fighter

Watch As Kazushi Sakuraba - Perhaps The Most Famous MMA Fighter Of All Time - Reveals For The First Time: All Of The Kimura & Arm Destruction Secrets That Built His Legacy. This Masterclass Between Saku & Grappling Icons Bernardo Faria & Craig Jones Can’t Be Missed

  • For the first time ever, Japanese MMA legend Kazushi Sakuraba is teaching all of the moves that he has learned, invented, and perfected
  • Learn To Set Up & Finish The Kimura From Anywhere: Taught By The Man Who Made It Famous In Modern Times
  • With joint locks from all angles and an entire submission game that he made for himself, he is a grappling coach like none other
  • With this mix of BJJ, catch wrestling, aikido, and even some pro wrestling thrown in, the Sakuraba style has always been about hunting for the finish and attacking from everywhere
  • Sakuraba first rose to international acclaim as the mysterious grappler with no jiu-jitsu background who was still able to win and even submit some of the most famous Jiu Jitsu fighters and wrestlers in the UFC and Pride

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0 - 1:35
Standing Kimura 1:35 - 9:38
Kimura Master Class Part 1 9:38 - 24:39

Volume 2

Kimura Master Class Part 2 0 - 25:03

Volume 3

wrist locks and arm bar finishes part 1 0 - 27:24

Volume 4

wrist locks and arm bar finishes part 2 0 - 26:41

Learn To Set Up & Finish The Kimura From Anywhere: Taught By The Man Who Made It Famous In Modern Times.