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Leg Lock Anthology: 50/50 by Lachlan Giles


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Professional Fighter

The Leg Lock Anthology: 50/50 by Lachlan Giles

  • Learn the never before seen submission system that shocked the world at The ADCC 2019
  • ADCC Absolute Medalist Lachlan Giles teaches the full leg lock system behind one of grappling's most legendary performances
  • Lachlan narrates over his own training and competition footage so you can see his mindset and decision making in action
  • Attack the heel hook from 50/50, Lachlan's signature submission that tapped out three heavyweights in a day

Learn The Never Before Seen Submission System That Shocked The World At The ADCC 2019

Lachlan Giles 50/50 Heel Hook System Was The Magic Potion That Allowed him To Tap 3 Of The Most Dangerous & Accomplished Fighters On Earth- All More Than 50-100 Lbs heavier Than Him - You Can Shock Everyone In Your Gym & In Competition Just Like He Did

What Will You Learn?

In one of our most anticipated releases ever, Abu Dhabi giant killer Lachlan Giles - & one of the most popular teachers in our store- shows the heel system he used to beat three world-class black belts even while giving up a hundred pounds. As always Lachlan is incredibly throughout and well ordered in his approach to teaching across 8 volumes, learn the hidden details and secrets behind the legendary performance that earned Lachlan a bronze medal in the ADCC absolute division, on the podium with Gordon Ryan and Buchecha. As a PhD himelf, Lachlan is suited to teaching like few others in the world plus the Aussie accent makes him sound even smarter! :) -  Lachlan explains, step-by-step, every detail you need to know to attack and finish the heel hook from his trademark outside sankaku position and 50/50. With every position, attack, and counter covered, this is everything you need to know to become a heel hook machine.











Lachlan Giles became the people’s champion after an inspiring run in the 2019 ADCC Absolute division. After competing at 77kg, Lachlan entered the open weight and immediately faced the IBJJF and ADCC champion (who had just beaten Buchecha that day) Kaynan Duarte, who outweighed Lachlan by over 50 pounds. And he tapped him out with a heel hook in the upset of the tournament - the crowd went absolutely nuts!!   And then he fought Patrick Gaudio (black belt world medalist and 50lbs heavier than Lachlan) and heel hooked him too, bringing the crowd to their feet. And he finished his day by heel hooking world champion black belt Mahamad Aly, who was close to 100lbs heavier. Three monsters with elite technique and Lachlan beat them all using the system that he shows here, in his highly anticipated Leg Lock Anthology.

Learn the 80/20 Outside Sankaku When They Block The Reaping Leg:

On these 8 volumes, evolve your leg locks and study what makes Lachlan’s system for heel hooking from the 50/50 so effective. One second these world-class fighters think they’re safe, the next they are tapping out or risking their knee breaking in half! With positions like the outside sankaku and the 80/20, you can solve some of leg locking’s most common problems in new and effective ways that can keep you a step ahead of the rest of your training partners. Lachlan teaches every detail, including entries, heel exposure, leg entanglements, hidden knee line details, and even how to escape and counter from these common leg lock battles!














In addition to technique, learn strategy in real-time with Lachlan Giles as he narrates over his own live sparring and competition footage. Watch and listen as Lachlan explains the technique in action as he wins the ADCC Oceanic Trials with a series of heel hooks, and then in-the-gym footage of Lachlan rolling with his own students so you can see the system work. Apply these principles by seeing them working in real-time, so that you can benefit from Lachlan’s own mat time.

Keeping the knee line with Lachlan Giles: 

After one of the most legendary ADCC performances ever, Lachlan Giles, who is also one of the most respected teachers in the BJJ Fanatics Store: proved something very important about BJJ; even at the absolute highest levels of the sport, smaller fighters can win with technique and strategy. Now, that technique and strategy can be yours and you can learn the submission hold of the year. From one of our most popular instructors on the site, make the 50/50 heel hook one of the best weapons in your game with The Leg Lock Anthology series, available across 8 volumes.


So What's On This Series

Volume 1
  • Chapter 1: General Leg Lock Concepts, Attacks And Counters
  • Part 1: Introduction And Overview
  • Part 2: Leg Lock Concepts
  • Keeping The Knee Line
  • Reclaiming The Knee Line
  • Controlling Rotation
  • Part 3: Heel Hook Finishing Mechanics
  • Part 4: Defending The Heel Hook
  • Prevention
  • Counters
  • Linking The Techniques
Volume 2
  • Part 5: Countering The Defense
  • Beating Early Defense
  • Beating Late Stage Defense
  • Bringing It Together
  • Part 6: Strengths and Weaknesses of Different Leg Lock Positions
  • Chapter 2: 50/5 and Outside Sankaku
  • Part 7: Concepts For 50/50 and Outside Sankaku
  • Part 8: 50/50 Seated
  • Introduction to This Section
  • Staying Safe
  • Keeping The Position
  • Upgrading to Outside Sankaku
  • Upgrading to Outside Sankaku Via 80/20
  • Upgrading to Outside Sankaku Via Outside Ashi
  • Unlocking The Legs
  • Finishing once Unlocked
  • Linking The techniques From 50/50
Volume 3
  • Part 9: 50/50 Non Heel Hook Attacks
  • Part 10: Outside Sankaku
  • Strategy And Positioning
  • Digging The Heel
  • Double Trouble
  • Miscellaneous
  • Linking The Techniques
  • Part 11: Reclaiming The Knee From 50/50
  • Part 12: Distal Control Sequences
  • Leg Across Body
  • Leg On Near Side
  • Linking The Techniques
Volume 4
  • Part 13: 50/50 Vs Standing Opponent: Heel Hook Options
  • Concepts
  • Offense
  • Troubleshooting
  • Bringing It Together
  • Part 14: Sweeps And Backtakes From 50/50
  • Concepts
  • Additional Attacks
  • Bringing It Together: 50/50 Sweeps
  • Part 15: 50/50 Top And Disengaging
  • Disengaging The 50/50
Volume 5
  • Part 16: Countering The Traditional Game: Saddle, Outside Ashi, Reap
  • Saddle
  • Reap
  • Outside Ashi
  • Chapter 3: Entries
  • Part 17: Getting to 50/50 And Outside Sankaku From Traditional Leglock Positions
  • Part 18: Entries Bottom: Concepts And Strategy
  • Getting To The Legs
  • Inside Positioning Entries
  • Part 19: Butterfly/Seated Guard
  • Part 20: Shin to Shin
  • Part 21: Single X
  • Linking The Techniques From Inside Positioning
Volume 6
  • Part 22: Outside Positioning Concepts And K Guard Overview
  • Part 23: K Guard From Open Guard
  • Kneeling Opponent
  • Standing Opponent
  • Important Drill
  • Part 24: De La Riva
  • Overview
  • Underhook DLR
  • Shallow K Guard
  • Bringing It Together
Volume 7
  • Part 25: Reverse De La Riva
  • Overview, Concepts, And Positioning
  • Entries And Transitions
  • Leg Entanglement Entries
  • Bringing It Together
  • Part 26: Inversion Entries
  • Part 27: Entries From Top
  • Leg Drag
  • Backstep
  • Miscelleanous
  • Part 28: Drills
Volume 8:
  • Part 29: Narrated Rolling
  • ADCC Trials RD 1
  • ADCC Trials RD 2
  • ADCC Trials Final
  • Narrated Roll 1
  • Narrated Roll 2
  • Narrated Roll 3
  • Narrated Roll 4
  • Narrated Roll 5

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