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Magic Guard Passing by Travis Stevens


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Travis Stevens

Professional Fighter

Effortless Passing: The Art Of Passing The Guard Without Working Hard: Travis Stevens

  • Travis Stevens is a Judo Olympic Silver Medalist and John Danaher Black Belt
  • Simple Strategies That He Uses To Pass Even The Best Guards
  • Travis Stevens stands as one of the most respected and impressive grapplers on the planet
  • Travis’s approach to grappling is unique, his background and mindset set him apart from everyone else
  • This is a conceptual based video series that will help you pass any guard
  • Change your entire game

Course Content

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Volume 1

guard passing strategy while opponent is supine 0 - 11:55
strategy for inside the situp guard 11:55 - 25:41
butterfly guard passing 25:41 - 33:54
knee cut strategy 33:54 - 45:50

Volume 2

spider + lasso, spider/lasso passing 0 - 16:31
opening closed guard + passing 16:31 - 24:26
passing half guard 24:26 - 32:16

Make Their Guards Disappear With This New Instructional From Judo Star Travis Stevens